The Register-Herald, Beckley, West Virginia

June 7, 2014

Our Readers Speak — Saturday, June 7, 2014

A message From God

Is America under a curse?

Is there an obesity epidemic?

Is there a diabetes epidemic?

Is an unhealthy lifestyle connected to this?

Is there widespread drug abuse, immorality, crime, violence, deception, etc.?

Are we safer in public or in our institutions since banning God and the name of Jesus?

Could the mass media of TV be promoting the demoralization and decline of our society?

The pursuit of wealth, pleasure, sex and beauty are brainwashed into our people in a continual flow of so-called “entertainment.”

We would scorn a street preacher telling us to “repent or perish” — but demand the right to shout profanity in public places.

We would put pitiful images of abused animals on display, but not tolerate the unimaginable torture produced by the abortionist being revealed in the tiny face being torn from the mother’s womb.

America will reap what she has sowed. We are on our way down, down, down.

God have mercy on us.

Marianne Turner

Rock Creek

Exploring friendlier solutions for state

Great article in the May 28 edition of The Register-Herald about “What’s Next, West Virginia?” Exploring solutions to attract businesses and create jobs.

“What’s Next, West Virginia?” is a GREAT name as this is about all of West Virginia. We are all in this together.

In 2001 and 2003, the Legislature responded to the near bankruptcy of the health care system by reforming the judicial system and making it business-friendly for health care. Now that industry is booming.

No other bells or gimmicks were needed to effect this economic success. The lawyers recognized West Virginia could not survive with doctors fleeing the state and hospitals going bankrupt due to the high cost of lawsuits, many of them frivolous. They were forced to allow the judicial reforms to correct an unacceptable system.

They could have done the same for all industries and attract companies, investments, high-paying jobs and prosperity in ALL industries. But that would take away the lawyers’ cash cow.

What changes were made? Tort reform, limits to non-economic awards, several liability and changes to weed out frivolous lawsuits.

Do the same for ALL industries! Only the special interests of lawyers stand in the way of a prosperous, booming West Virginia. Of course, lawyers make excuses as to why this is too difficult.

All the efforts pitting city against city, county against county to be the most desirable location for the limited opportunities need not happen.

When the Shell cracker plant was looking at West Virginia as a possible location in 2011-2012, a lawsuit court award in Harrison County came down in December 2011. What began as a $100,000 lawsuit wound up with a $50 million court award. What business in their right mind would expose itself to that kind of risk?

That is why West Virginia is referred to as the Judicial Hell Hole and investors and businesses avoid it like the plague, forcing our children to move out of state to find a good-paying job. That is why the remaining young people look to SSI, welfare and a government job as the careers of choice in West Virginia.

Make the judicial system business-friendly for ALL industries. Attract businesses to diversify the economy, to grow jobs, wages, population, tax revenue (making rate reductions possible) and eliminate poverty that teachers say is one of the biggest impediments to student achievement.

Then in the next census, instead of losing another House of Representatives member, maybe West Virginia will add one.

Stephen McElroy