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May 30, 2014

Our Readers Speak — Friday, May 30, 2014

Obamacare will not be the fix

Back in February this year, medium sized businesses were warned that under penalty of perjury, they had to swear to the IRS that Obamacare is not the reason for letting employees go to get under the magic number 99.

Last week it was announced that employers will be taxed up to $36,500 for each employee they dump into the Obamacare meat grinder. Again, those medical experts at the IRS will determine who pays. What used to be a benefit for being a full-time employee is now dictated by the president’s cabinet under the new law.

If our elected officials can force business owners to do this, where does it stop? Maybe they should provide us with the food we eat, transportation, maybe a house? The transformation from a self-sufficient society to a government dependent nanny state is full speed ahead.

There was a traditional American Value of working for what you have. And “If you don’t work (lack the will to work), you don’t eat.” That’s the American Way that just so happens to be in the Bible, too! Americans are independent and pride ourselves on our ability to always find a way. That’s the way I remember it, and we surly don’t need our elected officials telling us how to live!

The ACA numbers being tossed around just don’t matter. According to The Declaration of Independence (not Dependence), one of our unalienable rights that we are endowed with by our Creator is the pursuit of happiness — not the guarantee of it!

Real men take care of themselves, their families and their neighbors who need it. Depending on any government agency to take care of us is a terrible, addictive mistake.

All that is necessary to see this in practice is to pay attention to the current disgusting VA scandal that has killed dozens of our heroes through willful neglect. First note that nobody complains about the care-givers. It’s all about the system — the incompetent bureaucracy that is so bloated and convoluted it cannot see it’s proverbial shoes let alone tie them.

Watch closely because there will be those who say Obamacare will be the fix. I contend Obamacare will not only resemble VA health care administration, it will multiply its problems exponentially. By design, the worst parts have been postponed until after the November election.

Friends don’t let friends vote stupid.

Paul Dorsey

Green Valley

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