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December 24, 2013

Our Readers Speak — Tuesday, Dec. 24, 2013

The Register-Herald

Mr. Phil Robertson speaks the truth

I saw on the news this morning that Phil Robertson from A&E network’s “Duck Dynasty” has been suspended indefinitely for speaking the truth in a GQ interview. A&E says they have always backed the gay community.

I can’t understand why everyone has to bow down to the gays. When I was in school, gay meant happy. They should be called something else because they seem to be the most unhappy people in the world unless their lifestyle is glorified by everyone. The homosexual community is a very small percentage of the world, but everyone has to accept it or be condemned by so many.

Well, this is one person who does not think the rest of the world should have to do so.

If you have ever watched “Duck Dynasty,” you should realize that the Robertson family is a Christian family and I believe they have the right to free speech.

I’ll be watching A&E for one more day to make a list of their advertisers to contact over my beliefs on this matter. Then I will call Suddenlink to tell them they should drop A&E network. Maybe if the straight community would speak out, we might be able to get some results like the homosexuals (a small percentage of the population) seem to be able to do.

Thank you, Mr. Phil Robertson, for being a real man and speaking the TRUTH.

Eugene B. Harvey


Mt. Tabor Circle friends helped those in need

The families at Mt. Tabor Circle met for their annual Christmas party. When someone expressed the need to help a needy family at Christmas, everyone pitched in to help.

Because of the love of a wonderful community, another family will enjoy the blessing of Christmas.

Thanks to the friends at Mt. Tabor Circle.

Pastor Carl Sellards