The Register-Herald, Beckley, West Virginia

November 12, 2013

Our Readers Speak — Tuesday, Nov. 12, 2013

Churches should help kids who need homes

A recent letter writer complained of President Obama’s stance on abortion, citing her pro-life views which she claims are rooted in biblical teaching. You won’t find anyone that is more middle of the road on the abortion issue than I am, but I have a serious problem with pro-lifers like Mrs. Crowley.

The Children’s Home Society of West Virginia makes the adoption process really easy and, if I recall, essentially free if you are a West Virginian adopting a West Virginia child. The problem is that when you go on their website you see a host of children waiting for a loving home. Today there were 58 listed. Now, we all know that people want to adopt cute little babies, but a quick glance this morning showed sibling groups and children ages 3 and up waiting on someone to take them in.

You can’t throw a rock in this area without hitting a church or two, and all of these churches are presumably filled with pro-life folks that are willing to fight, in the name of Jesus, of course, for the sanctity of life. Isn’t it sad that when those kids leave the womb, the churches and their congregation leave them behind?

Why not practice what you preach? Prove to those who would otherwise have an abortion that there’s a reason to bring those children into the world. Take a look at the website, It’s absolutely heart-breaking.

Get to work, charitable Christians!

John McCormick


Thanks for helping homeless veteran

As a former homeless veteran, I would like to take this time to express my deepest gratitude to all the staff at the Beckley VA Medical Center.

A few years ago I found myself homeless with eyeglasses in disrepair and dental problems that kept me in pain and embarrassed to present myself publicly. Through their assistance, I was provided permanent housing of my choice and ongoing case management that would allow me once again to live independently.

I was supplied with eyeglasses and all my dental problems were corrected, as well as extensive and ongoing medical care. I now have a new life without fear of homelessness or adequate health care.

To the following: Bill Workman and Tracie Belcher, HUD-VASH coordinators; Debra Morris,  social worker; Melissa McKinney, dentist (and her staff) Lowry Powers; Bronze Clinic P.A. Deandra Ray, Bronze Clinic nurse. All the gentlemen who volunteer their time at DAV transportation. Cindy Waddel, case manager; Kenny Lester, peer support; Linda Bailey, volunteer, who always offers a warm greeting and a smile and, more recently, Dr. Ronald Cox, ER physician currently assisting me with a minor medical problem who always greets you with “Thank You For Serving,” as well as many others too numerous to mention.

Each and every one of you has changed my life in ways you cannot possibly imagine. Karin McGraw, director of the Beckley VA Medical Center, and her staff go above and beyond what is required. Please commend yourself.

Randall J. Frame