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September 20, 2013

Our Readers Speak — Friday, Sept. 20, 2013

You can find God in the Bible

Gator Williams, can’t you see God’s hand in The Ten Commandments as a moral guide for mankind? I said it wasn’t required reading.

 “The Last Supper” painting and other things you mentioned are just things that I look at as reminders of Jesus Christ and His life here on earth. None of these things, including the cross of Jesus, is worshiped by me or any Christian. I/we worship God, the risen, living savior Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.

So what if you can’t find God on the Constitution? In the KJV Bible in the text of The Ten Commandments, God is only mentioned two times in them. Once in #1 and in #3. If you miss God in your studies, you should read the Holy Bible where God is mentioned on nearly every page. And so what if Jews signed the Constitution? Once a Jewish banker loaned the United States more than $600,000 to pay a national debt.

You and many others must have found what Darwin was smoking. There are simply hundreds, no, thousands, of different species of birds, snakes and monkeys, germs and viruses that do different things.

So-called theoretical scientists like Hawking and their dark energy or dark matter has never been proven in any way. God placed this Earth, solar system, sun and moon in place and billions of other stars for his pleasure and if there was a big bang, God made it happen.  Adam and Eve were created by God and placed in the perfect place to live and only had one rule to follow and failed to do that. So many like Adam and Eve refuse to follow its teaching and will be cast into outer darkness away from His presence and be separated from Him forever.

Mr. Williams, go to church somewhere Jesus Christ is taught and just try it three or four months and if you don’t like it, the devil will take you back and prove to you he could care less about your loyalty or your soul.

Lee Price


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