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February 13, 2013

Our Readers Speak — Wednesday, Feb. 13, 2013


Bonijean Isaacs


National Guard could secure our schools

The National Guard could be used as resource officers in our schools. They have the most modern training.

All the schools in our state should be secured, no matter what the cost. One way to pay for it is to tax Internet and catalog sales.

The SBA has already spent millions securing West Virginia schools. To this date, only 50 percent of the project has been completed.

Resource officers should have been in our schools years ago. The bullying problem will continue without them. Millions of dollars are being spent every year and the test scores keep going down. Too much disruption in the classrooms is causing teachers not to be able to teach.

Call, e-mail, and write to your elected officials to get our schools safe and secure.

Wilmoth Cooper


Remarks made by sheriff not appreciated

I did not appreciate Sheriff Steve Tanner using his office to persuade citizens about new gun laws. Putting it on the front page of the newspaper was also in poor taste.

He said he won’t enforce the gun laws if they take effect. Isn’t it his job to enforce the laws? Isn’t it his job to protect all citizens, even those who want to ban assault weapons?

For a lawman to say he would not enforce a law because it takes away constitutional rights is not for him to say. Everyone who has read the Constitution and really took the time to understand it, knows it says we have the right to bear arms.

It says we have the right to protect ourselves and our families; it doesn’t say we have the right to massacre someone if they try to harm us. It doesn’t say we have the right to blow away anyone.

I have no problem with gun ownership; I do have a problem with you who says “there are only five or six morons who want to say these need to be outlawed.” I guess I'm one of those “morons.” I don’t see gun control taking away my rights. I see it as saving someone’s life, maybe even yours.

For you to use your office to persuade others to your way of thinking is wrong. Maybe if your child or relatives were killed by these weapons you would feel different. I don’t understand how you, who sees the damage that guns do would not want those weapons banned.

An unstable person with a gun is very dangerous. Gun control is a must. It won’t take away anyone’s guns that they use to protect themselves or for sport, which is what people like you are trying to feed us.

Do you and those in Washington think we are stupid? We do understand our rights. Some of us are more concerned with saving lives and not if we are Democrats or Republicans, for or against Obama.

Much needs done to make the violence go away, but being stupid about gun control is a step in the wrong direction.

You said you want citizens to have guns to protect themselves, including those they want to control. I take it that if you or your officers are called to someone’s house and they have these guns, they can blow you and your officers away, because they have the right to have these guns? That’s OK with you?

Saying you won’t enforce gun laws shows me two things. One, you must not be the man we need to serve and protect Raleigh County. Two, the welfare of your officers isn't your priority. Maybe you’re just trying to stay in the “good ol boys club.”

Delores Vaughan


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