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February 13, 2013

Our Readers Speak — Wednesday, Feb. 13, 2013

The real solutionfor safer schools

There is speculation that recent tragic events are caused by a lack of God in the schools. Some are blaming it on atheists, liberals, feminists, the gay community, Roe v. Wade, the ACLU or the simple fact that younger people lack the morals of past generations.

President Obama once quoted that more folks believe in God than not. We are a kinder society in many ways. We no longer have slavery or Jim Crow laws. Equal opportunity employment is the mode. Anti-bullying laws are on the books.

Thomas Jefferson quotes, “Why should I care if my neighbor worships 100 gods or no God. It neither picks my pocket nor breaks my legs.”

Thomas Jefferson drafted the Virginia statue on religious freedom and eventually the First Amendment with the idea that United States citizens can freely define God as they see fit or not at all.

The wisdom of separation of church and state does not take God away from the people. It assures that a repeat of the Salem witch trials will not happen. Quakers can go into Puritan communities without fear of being banished or hanged. Paiute Indians can do their Ghost Dance without the Army coming in and massacring them.

Thomas Jefferson also quotes, “The idea that Jesus resulted from a virgin birth makes as much sense as the belief that Athena sprung out of the head of Zeus.”

One group of folks accepts the fact that Jesus resulted from a virgin birth. Others actually believe that Athena jumped out of the head of Zeus. There are some folks who consider one theory, perhaps both, mythology.

It really doesn’t matter. The government doesn’t need to worry about God in the schools.

The solution is to either get rid of the guns, arm the teachers or find a way to keep weapons out the hands of the criminally insane.

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Our Readers Speak