The Register-Herald, Beckley, West Virginia

January 13, 2013

Our Readers Speak — Sunday, Jan. 13, 2013

Only use for assault rifles is slaughter

The shooting at Newtown might bring some sweeping changes to our gun laws. Why? Because there are many small children involved. Had this been a college, nothing would happen.

I cannot drive as fast as I want but I can shoot a gun and mow people down like a lawnmower cutting grass. It just doesn’t make sense.

Would you consider buying an assault rifle to go hunting?

If so I think you better give up on the sport. I haven’t seen an elephant in the woods lately. The only purpose for this gun is to slaughter whatever is in front of you.

I have to wonder about the judgment of the mother of this boy.

First buying the gun, and second, not locking them up, knowing full well her son had issues. When those guns are legally sold, there is no assurance they will not end up like her gun. They need to be banned. Period. Why is it I can only buy a 30-day supply of my blood pressure pills yet go buy all the ammo that my little heart desires? Don’t make sense.

Politically, I saw the president go to console the parents, but John McCain, after raising such a fuss over one man in Benghazi, didn’t even show up, at least to my knowledge. Also absent were Ted Nugent and the NRA. Even before they can get these poor kids in their caskets, they are spewing the hate about guns don’t kill people. They need to tell that to those grieving parents, not me. Bullet-proof cubicles for the kids, anyone?

Ralph Marlow



Pain clinic offers a needed health service

I am a patient at a local pain clinic. I suffer from chronic pain and have for the past years, until August 2011 when I enrolled in the clinic.

It has been a blessing for me. I can’t understand why some people, including doctors, oppose these worthwhile clinics. I sincerely hope that misuse by some patients and the negative attitude by some will not cause the closing of these health-assisting services.

Steve Moscarito