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December 25, 2012

Our Readers Speak — Tuesday, Dec. 25, 2012

Have faith in the Christ of Christmas

NBC Today’s Nancy Snyderman’s recent comment about removing religion from Christmas is more conformation of the irrational reasoning of post-modern arrogance. Snyderman propagates time and again, an epistemology only by empirical senses that follows others in the fallacy of reductionism.

Those who rely only on empirical senses for truth will always exhibit a contradictory worldview. Stephen Hawking says he can’t believe in God, because there is no empirical evidence, but has no problem believing in outer space aliens with no evidence.

Likewise, I wonder if there was any etymology consideration in Snyderman’s statement. After all Christ does occupy the largest portion of the word. She says she prefers the word “Holiday” over Christmas. But this would not work either, because Holiday comes from Holy Day. Snyderman lives in a world of contradiction.

Have non-believers considered that Santa is a replacement story of the real story of God’s redemptive plan? When non-believing parents remind children of the coming of Santa, they have replaced the hope of Christ’s second coming with a story of fiction. Words like, “you just got to believe,” found in many secular Christmas movies is really just taking phrases from the real Christian story of faith.

If I sing the words “He knows when you are sleeping, He knows when you’re awake, He knows when you have been good or bad,” who am I speaking of? What story is Santa replacing?

Nothing is ever going to work for Snyderman because Christmas is indeed religious despite a willingness to suppress the truth. Non-believers make-up grand scenarios in efforts to deny truth and in the process become foolish in their words and reality.

Why not just believe the real story?

It is intellectual suicide to deny the Bible its place in epistemology. Not only will you become irrational, but also will commit spiritual suicide and deny Christ.

Leave the irrational reasoning of post-modern belief and have faith in the Christ of Christmas.

Jim Hale

director of communications

The Christian Resource Center Beckley

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