The Register-Herald, Beckley, West Virginia

November 23, 2013

Our Readers Speak — Saturday, November 23, 2013

Citizens should speak out on several topics

Beckley residents and council: Wake up! I heartily agree that a well-planned city that thrives has the input of its participating citizens. Having said that, I do not mean one person’s, however well-intended, determination to push his concept for the corner of Main and Heber.

We positively do not need another memorial to Robert or Erma Byrd nor do we need another water feature. It will not bring tourists.

Sharon Woods’ ideas are exciting. An artisan market! Stores with living space above are working very well in the Birkdale shopping area of Charlotte. We need more commerce.

Mr. Mize, build your business back quickly or embrace Ms. Woods’ fresh ideas. That space formerly contained three or four businesses that I am aware of, all contributing to the city and state through business and operating taxes.

We have welcomed every business we can stuff onto Eisenhower Dive in a one-mile stretch of highway that was already overly congested. Now there is buzz around Beckley that the continuation of the by-pass sometime in the future would dump four lanes or more of traffic into the two-lane stop lights near Raleigh Mall.

Please! Let’s solve, not create, problems! We have a monstrous parking garage downtown now; let’s work on growing something around it.

Beckley, before you attempt to save TWV, let’s hear about the management of money, and who was correcting the bleed, or attempting to, before a total shutdown occurred. Take funding cuts away for a moment and ask some questions. Are they attempting too many productions each summer with too many costumes, etc., or could the two long-running dramas be offered every other year? What kind of salaries went to office management? Surely an accountant for TWV could see trouble some time before this drastic result.

I can well understand funding loss, but that’s when fat has to be trimmed or some change somewhere made; was it? Somehow I doubt the performers received big salaries.

People, let’s speak out on the topics that affect us and the place in which we live and work. And as well as speaking out, listen carefully to the proposals being made.

Marsha Smith


Lewisburg gas price needs investigated

Why are gas prices in Lewisburg not moving down? On Nov. 6, gas prices in the Roanoke area had fallen to as low as $2.88. In Covington, prices were down to $3.09.

It was announced in the media that the average price in West Virginia was $3.39. The price in Lewisburg stayed at $3.48.

On Nov. 7, gas prices fell to $2.79 in Roanoke. Covington was $2.99. The price in Lewisburg was still $3.48.

On Nov. 13, media announced the average price per gallon in West Virginia was $3.19. Prices in Lewisburg have stayed at $3.48 with the Shell stations going up to $3.58 on Nov. 14.

I would like to have someone explain why we are paying more than Beckley and Charleston. Why are we paying 60 to 70 cents more than Virginia? The difference in the gas tax is not 60 to 70 cents.

 We all need to call the Consumer Protection Division of the Attorney General’s Office for an investigation into the prices in the Greenbrier area.

Sandra VanLuik