The Register-Herald, Beckley, West Virginia

August 27, 2013

Our Readers Speak — Tuesday, Aug. 27, 2013

Good folks outnumber druggies in ‘Oxyanna’

On Monday, my little great-grandson lost his iPod in the Oceana McDonald’s parking lot. He did not realize that he had lost it until they were near Beckley. He called and the customers and the staff helped me search for the iPod, but it was not to be found. He was one sad little 8-year-old

My daughter put this information on Facebook. About three hours after this was posted, I answered a knock at my door. There stood one of God’s finest, Jack Buckland. Jack was returning the iPod Noah had lost.

Thank God that here in “Oxyanna” we still have people like that. Believe it or not we still outnumber the druggies.

Thank you! And may God bless all the Jack Bucklands in Oceana.

Easter Lusk


Our government must not favor any religion

In response to Pastor Greg Beckett’s letter:

I would like to remind the pastor that the Constitution promises our freedom of religion. While the placing of a monument depicting the 10 Commandments at the Wyoming County Courthouse bears no harm to me personally, I wonder what the pastor would think if we erected a monument at the courthouse that plainly stated “There is no God” in big, bold letters?

The government should not show bias or favoritism to any group. It has a responsibility to be religion neutral.

Secondly, the pastor assumes that Mr. Bailey’s response “smacks of anger, hurt, frustration, disappointment and failures in his life.” This plays into a common misconception about atheists. For some reason people believe that we live miserable lives devoid of meaning or accomplishment. It’s quite the contrary, actually. Our lives differ little than that of anyone else, aside from getting to sleep in longer on Sundays.

I also take issue with the pastor’s assertion that atheists “choose to not believe.” We do not choose not to believe in God, we simply interpret the “evidence” of his existence differently and come to different conclusions than most other folks. We no more choose not to believe in God than you choose not to believe in Santa or the Easter Bunny. Belief does not come with a switch that can be turned on or off at will.

In closing, while the pastor is correct in stating that atheists cannot scientifically prove that God doesn’t exist, I’d like to remind that pastor that he cannot scientifically prove that God is not an invisible pink unicorn, either. In other words, his argument is moot.

John M. McCormick


Thanks to workers at DOH road substation

I am writing to thank the state road crew at Crawley for all they do for our community. They work hard to keep roads open in either snow or ice in winter.

The guys and girls at the substation are really doing their job and their boss Rick Viers is in with the men working.

I just want to thank you guys and girls for a job well done, always.

Corrine Fitzgerald