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September 23, 2012

Our Readers Speak — Sunday Sept. 23, 2012

Work together to make us a state to be proud

I cannot understand why Rahall, Manchin, and Rockefeller (who owns Exxon) continue to get elected. All three are against coal and it makes me sick.

West Virginia has 300 years of coal. An abundant amount of natural gas and we have 75 percent forest which could be used to build furniture, 2 x 4s, homes, etc. With the DEP keeping everything in order, replacing the trees and also keeping an eye on mountain removal of coal, we could quickly become No. 1 with our economy booming. But it’s all about money. The love of money is the root of all evil.

Abraham Lincoln was the first Republican. He chopped wood, split rails, etc., to earn money to buy a suit to debate against Stephen Douglas, a Democrat, also a slave owner. Most Republicans have worked all their lives to earn what they’ve obtained. Then the middle class has to take care of HUD, food stamps, etc. While Obama, Rockefeller, Rahall and Manchin tax them creating a socialist country. The dope dealers and lazy ones live off the workers.

I’m worried about West Virginia. I’ve been to a lot of places and we’re being taken advantage of. We are kind, go-lucky people and people are flocking here. The Bible says that in the end people will flee to the mountains. This is not what Bill Clinton wanted. He and Newt Gingrich worked together to balance the budget and succeeded. Democrat and Republican. I’m writing in Newt on the ballot, because he would have been the best then.

Make up your mind. First or last. Away with Rahall, Manchin, and two years from now Jay Rockefeller who created the West Virginia Lottery that targets the blacks and the poor whites. Quick money is usually dirty money. We need jobs not $700 a month like the Yankees want. As soon as Lincoln got shot, Grant and his drunken North took back over the south, both black and white.

Be a mountaineer. My God is Jesus, he’s real. He lives in my heart. Pray West Virginia, money cannot buy love. We are the Mountaineers.

Years ago a friend and I went to Georgia to get a job. We stopped at a construction site and Danny went in the trailer. It wasn’t two minutes he came out and said we had a job. I asked him what did you say. He told the foreman we were from West Virginia. We started the next day. Come on, West Virginia, we should be No. 1. The Bible says first come last, last comes first. Don’t you think it’s our turn? Don’t be stupid come November. We came from the West Virginia Coal Mines not the Detroit crack dealer.

Get off the booze, the pills, the crack and let’s work together to make us a state to be proud of instead of waiting on welfare, food stamps and someone to rob. Read, pray, believe. I love you, West Virginia. Let’s resurrect from the dead come November. In the name of the Lord.

Stephen Hopkins


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