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September 21, 2012

Our Readers Speak - Friday, September 21, 2012

Democrats cause trouble, blame others

Will someone please help me understand?

I hear the Democrats still going back to the Bush administration as the blame for the stalling economy that we are experiencing. They talk of the “mess” they inherited.

How is it they can blame Bush when during his last two years he had to deal with a Democrat Congress? He succumbed to the spending tactics of that Democrat Congress and then Sen. Barack Obama and his fellow Democrats brought with them the “mess” for which they voted. There is no need to blame Bush when they controlled the purse strings. Blame the Democrats for creating the “mess” they “inherited.”

When will our president and Congress learn that you can’t spend your way into prosperity? Hats off to the Republicans who are seeking to hold back on spending!

Tell me also, have we lost our value for freedom? You senior citizens like myself, do you want a panel of 15 people who are not doctors or nurses (or in any way connected to the medical field) telling your insurance company whether they can pay for a medical procedure your doctor considers you need? Do you want that panel to deny coverage for a hip replacement or a brain surgery that you need simply because you are too old and do not have enough profitable time left to justify spending the money? That is what Obamacare is doing for you. Don’t believe me? Ask your doctor.

Tell me, do you want a president and Congress that will support a health program that will deny coverage because of your old age, but will turn right around and provide money to kill an unborn baby in the mother’s womb?

We hear them talk about how they care for our needs. When they take $716 billion out of Medicare to pay for Obamacare and put a few more people on government coverage, but to offset it they deny coverage for your senior needs because you are too old and don’t matter, is that what you want?

If that is what you want, vote Democrat in the upcoming election. They will try to scare you that the Republicans are going to throw Granny off the cliff, but don’t tell you that they will let you die because they withhold coverage for your needs since you are too old and unproductive. Do you want a government that kicks God out and supports baby killing and same-sex marriage? Then vote Democrat. That was evident in their convention.

Moody Roberts


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