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March 20, 2013

Our Readers Speak - Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Another reader backs Sheriff Tanner on guns

I too would like to salute Mr. Tanner for his stance on gun control. We need more people like him in elected offices to stand up for our rights and beliefs. Not that I’m fond of law enforcement. In my 62 years I’ve found most, especially State Police, to be arrogant and think they are above the law.

This country’s problems stem from the home, where parents do not teach their kids discipline and respect. And allow the government to take the paddle out of our schools and etc. I was on the wrong end of many of them and deserved every one. And they did change my way of thinking. This government is slowly whittling away on our rights. Personally, I have no use for an assault rifle or .50 caliber, but I do have the right to buy and keep any form of weapon I can afford, as long as I don’t harm anyone with them.

If all the German and Jewish people had weapons to match those of the Nazis, maybe millions would not have gone to the gas chamber. Or just maybe if African people would have had weapons to match that of the slavers, hundreds of thousands wouldn’t have been slaves.

My two sons are the most cherished things in this life. They are both hunters and were raised from an early age to handle and respect a weapon. And realize the damage one can do.

Sadly, the eldest committed suicide two years ago, come May. But it was not the gun that took his life; it was life and issues he felt he couldn’t overcome.

I have to live with his death and memory every day for the rest of my days. But I will not relinquish my guns.

If and when the Gestapo should come to my door, I will probably wish I had an AK47 and I wouldn’t be surprised to see Mr. Festa at the front with an upturned palm in the air.

Finally, if Ms. Vaughn and Mr. Festa think this government cares anything about them, and that they won’t take away every right they can, then they both surely are morons.

P.S. Tanner for President.

Stephen R. Golden Sr.


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