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October 27, 2012

Our Readers Speak — Saturday, Oct. 27, 2012

— Domestic violence

has claimed lives of countless women, kids

I am voicing concern over the misguided intervention from law enforcement and the family law court; based in my opinion of the perpetrator of the domestic violence having a “buddy” in law enforcement and a “familial status relationship” at the family law court. Here is my story.

Domestic violence has claimed the lives of countless women and children not only in the state of West Virginia; but states across the nation at alarming rates. Often the stories that I read about tell the story of how many failed attempts that the victim made in seeking a lawful remedy. I have a daughter who is a victim of domestic violence and her attempts for a lawful and safe remedy for herself and her children have fallen upon biased judgments’; favoring the perpetrator.

There have been several 911 calls placed by my daughter during the midst of the domestic violence and it seems that on at least 3 to 4 of the calls; the “buddy” of the perpetrator has responded to the call and failed to make an arrest and has in my opinion took great measure to stroke the perpetrator. The fact that the members of the household are being subjected to physical and psychological threats seems to be an irrelevant factor.

My daughter had a threat made upon her life by the perpetrator of the domestic violence; she sought resolve/relief through the family court in Raleigh County and was denied a protective order. As per the filing instructions in the petition for a Domestic Violence Order; either or both witness testimony or written statements would be permissible. I wrote a truthful witness statement as to the accounts of my personal knowledge of the cycle of domestic abuse and my daughter was not allowed to present this statement. My daughter’s testimony was rendered invaluable by the judge; the perpetrator lied about having made a threat to end her life and was allowed to show the judge a purported text message that related to something completely irrelevant to the threat upon her life; and he was granted a relief in his favor; again in my opinion based on his having a familial status with the family law court. My daughter had what she needed to be granted a protective order for a period of time even long enough for the courts to order this guy into anger management with a proven history of abatement. She had the truth regarding her account of the threat made upon her life and true witness statements. I would think that in matters concerning the physical, mental, and psychological welfare of the women and children that are in domestic violence circumstances; that true testimony and witness accounts would supersede lies and a foolish text message.

My daughter’s story reminds me of the heart-wrenching stories being reported in the news; almost daily of a woman’s cries for help; unheard.

Debra Borders


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