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October 23, 2012

Our Readers Speak — Tuesday, Oct. 23, 2012

Kudos to folks behind Mount Hope prom

The success of any venture and the praise that follows often is directed to those whose names always stand out in the news media. Too often the people behind the scenes fall by the wayside and never receive the acknowledgments they deserve.

In regard to Mount Hope High School Prom 2012 that was held Oct. 6, I would like to give them a pat on the back for helping make the venture a monumental memory for the town of Mount Hope.

So many people from all generations and graduating classes offered to help because of its importance to our hometown. In particular, I would like to thank the Class of 1966 as well as members of the classes of ’64 and ’78 for helping our committee by stepping up on the day of the prom and taking charge of greeting and helping over 700 people into the arena at the Raleigh County armory.

Not only did the community and former students of Mount Hope High School rally to make the prom a night to remember, there were several business whose contributions put us over the top.

The armory and its staff were unbelievable. From the office staff down to those who set up tables and prepared food, they were on board with everything we requested.  Our group was in and out of the arena from Wednesday through Saturday and their crews were always open to last-minute changes in floor arrangements as we thought needed.

Quick Prince Printing of Beckley did a phenomenal job on all of our programs, name tags, dance cards and posters. I would give them a sketchy idea of what we needed and a time frame for delivery. Every time, they turned our ideas into a work of art and were always days ahead of our deadlines.

Several weeks prior to Oct. 6, Harvey’s Bridal and Fashion stepped up and arranged for some wonderful news coverage and pictures that really pulled in a great deal of interest during the weeks preceding the prom. We were able to post their contribution on our Facebook site, and it sparked so many enthusiastic conversations.

Webb’s Florist also worked tirelessly to provide corsages for out-of-town people and delivered them to the armory for pickup just before the prom.

The staffs of KTS Captured Moments Photography and Southern Mountain Media Video Productions both provided our attendees with tangible reflections of the evening.

And, last but not least, The Register-Herald. During the year-long planning of the prom, they never turned us down when we requested updated articles to keep the public aware of what we were planning. Lisa Shrewsberry’s article in Sunday’s Life! section the week before the prom was applauded by people from all over the United States. She really tapped into the emotion and sentiment of what we were trying to achieve and it was truly appreciated by all generations in attendance.

In conclusion let me say no one person can be cited for the overwhelming success of such a project. Our group was fortunate to have tapped into the professionalism and courtesy of our local businesses and the community itself. I hope that each and every one knows how sincerely we appreciate all they did in making our “Sentimental Journey” a timeless memory.

June Keffer

Mount Hope

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