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April 25, 2013

Our Readers Speak — Thursday, April 25, 2013

Turn the other cheek

Turn the other cheek

Just read Mr. Bailey’s article on Darwin and his “theory”.

Most of us have been taught evolution in our schools, but it’s something we choose to believe, just like the existence of God is something we choose to accept.

I chose the Lord.

I don’t see the need to respond to this article in a hateful or derogatory way because I don’t feel that.  I truly do not hate anyone.

Mr. Bailey has the right to express himself as he sees fit.

I will say though, that I felt concerned.

I am not writing to defend my Lord, because He is surely capable of defending Himself. He is not mean or wicked. He is pure love and allows insults for now.

I will, although, always stand for Him.

I figure Mr. Bailey surely expects many responses, and I’m sure he will receive them.

I will say that his statement from Robert Ingersoll (applying it for himself) is that a loving and true follower of Christ would just turn the other cheek.

Terry August



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