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November 4, 2012

Our Readers Speak — Sunday, Nov. 4, 2012


Thanks for organizing high school reunion

I’m writing to let your readers know about a wonderful event I was privileged to attend recently in your town at the Tamarack Conference Center on Sept. 13.

It was the 62nd reunion of the Woodrow Wilson Class of 1950 which was organized by the unstoppable twins, Polly and Peggy Cook.

I first met them years ago after one of my performances at Tamarack’s Sunday @ 2 program. I tour a comedy show and I am always delighted to see Polly and Peggy turn up when I perform at Tamarack. More than a year ago they asked me if I’d perform for their 62nd reunion and I agreed.

One of your local radio personalities, Bill O’Brien, introduced me and the show went well. Afterward, I sat and heard one person after another get up and share stories of this group who have known each other since first grade. It occurred to me that we don’t see much of this anymore. These folks had known each other for their entire lives, some of them for close to 80 years!

I understand that Polly and Peggy have been organizing these reunions over the years. They say that this is the last one and I hope it’s not true. Surely the group is getting smaller, but 38 of them made it to this one, along with spouses and friends.

I congratulate Polly and Peggy Cook on their excellent event and organizational skills. I heartily recommend them for organizing any event you may want to realize. I thank all the alumni of Woodrow Wilson’s Class of 1950 for sharing their reunion with me. Many happy returns.

Glenn Singer


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