The Register-Herald, Beckley, West Virginia

September 18, 2012

Our Readers Speak — Tuesday, Sept. 18, 2012

We can get along just fine without ethanol

Do we need ethanol?

Anyone who has a computer needs to look up “Media Research Centers.” There you will find out that our great government is going to make ethanol even though the drought has taken its toll on the farmers. There will be just enough corn for our animals to eat, so I guess a lot of cattle will be slaughtered, chickens killed.

If you have animals that eat corn, be ready to pay more for it, thanks to our government. Food will be going up; gas already has. The farmers will have to sell their herds because they can’t feed them. Milk has already gone up, eggs will too and so on.

What’s so sad, the little people that have a few cows, horses, chickens, ducks and so on will be forced to let theirs go hungry because they can’t feed them. Thanks to our great government in Washington, corn will be expensive if you can find it.

The government could do better, but they don’t care about us, the ones who keep this country running. I believe we all got along just fine without ethanol.

I bet a lot of vehicles don’t get good gas mileage. You can learn a lot on the Internet that the news media like ABC, CBS and NBC won’t report.

Also, if you listen to the radio at all, listen to the 94.5 FM talk show; it’ll let you know what’s going on.

Linda Buckhanan


Research needed on pulmonary fibrosis

I read with much interest Lee Ann McGraw-Lively’s letter concerning pulmonary fibrosis. My husband also has the disease. He went to the hospital with what we thought was pneumonia and ended up in the hospital for months; he was on a ventilator, then had a trach and peg.

He was in the hospital in Charleston for four months and then in the Ansted nursing home for rehab for two months. He is home now and has been stable for a year, but is on oxygen 24/7 and cannot stand or walk for more than 2 minutes without running out of air, even with the oxygen machine running, so he is confined to a wheelchair.

We had never heard of pulmonary fibrosis either until he was diagnosed with it. The doctors have also told us that it is fatal. Our quality of life has changed drastically because of this. My husband never smoked either.

According to Mrs. Lively, more people get this than Gehrig’s disease or cystic fibrosis. My hat is off to Mrs. Lively for her research. Perhaps you don’t hear as much about this type of lung disease because they don’t know what causes it, therefore, you can’t sue a cigarette company, a mining company or a company that used asbestos.

Hopefully more research will be done on pulmonary fibrosis, and in the future no one will have to go through what we are going through.

Blanch B. Brady