The Register-Herald, Beckley, West Virginia

September 20, 2012

Our Readers Speak - Thursday, September 20, 2012

Too much talk about God, gays and guns

Sure can tell we’re approaching elections in our West Virginia.

Talk radio and newspapers filled with letters about God, gays and guns. The NRA starts up with their warnings about “them” taking away our guns and the religious right intensifies its mixing of political with religious responsibilities; in spite of the wise separation of religious and political in our Constitution.

Marriages are seen as threatened by gays and we are compelled to take sides in the personal/moral/medical issues of contraception and when life begins. Bibles may be banned and our president may be a Muslim.

Job creators just are waiting for taxes to be lowered before they create jobs. These are the same “job creators” who cried out for less regulation and enforcement before Upper Big Branch, back when too much inspection and enforcement were keeping West Virginians from jobs, it was said, they would otherwise have.

The same types of “job creators” cried out for less regulation before the big banks and financial institutions created the real estate bubble and the following financial meltdown. At that time, they said industries would better regulate themselves and the “market” would regulate. We all know how that worked out.

Posters and billboards cry out that there is a “War on Coal” although tonnage and employment patterns look similar to our historical trends, and coal pressures might be as much or more affected by the global economy and cost of and availability of natural gas than any “war”

Let’s try to separate slogans and talking points from facts and make our choices based on facts.

Miles Dean



Shame on officials for new school menus

I am a concerned parent of a student who is in a Raleigh County school. The school nutritional menu has been changed drastically in order to keep childhood obesity levels down.

The food has been changed in taste and in the amount being served to the students. Our students are now being served such small amounts that they come into the lunch room hungry and they leave the lunch room starving. The taste of the food is so bad that students are literally spitting food back out onto their trays and nine out of 10 are going straight into the trash.

How is it that in such a bad economy we are coming out ahead with this amount of food going in the trash? Why is it that the politicians, governors, senators, board of education and our very own president of the United States are not on the same menu that these students are being forced to eat?

When has it become OK for government to step in and dictate to parents when we can or cannot pack our child’s lunch for school? What has this country come to? This is like a communist country. The parent has the right as an American citizen to make decisions for his/her child. This is not something that the government should be deciding for us. As a parent, I have the right to send my child a packed lunch with or without the government getting involved.

Shame on our government for allowing this, and shame on the politicians who passed these new policies.

Mary Brown

Coal City