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March 4, 2013

Miners to open 2013 at home vs. Sliders



W.Va. Miners Schedule

Here is the schedule for the 2013 West Virginia Miners. All weekday games start at 7:05 p.m., while Sunday games start at 5:05 p.m.:

Tuesday, May 28    Slippery Rock

Wednesday, May 29    Slippery Rock

Thursday, May 30    at Butler

Friday, May 31    at Butler

Saturday, June 1    Lorain County

Sunday, June 2    Lorain County

Tuesday, June 4    at Richmond

Wednesday, June 5    at Richmond

Thursday, June 6    at Lorain County

Friday, June 7    at Lorain County

Saturday, June 8    Butler

Sunday, June 9    Butler

Tuesday, June 11    Slippery Rock

Wednesday, June 12    Slippery Rock

Thursday, June 13    Chillicothe

Friday, June 14    Chillicothe

Saturday, June 15    at Richmond

Sunday, June 16    at Richmond

Tuesday, June 18    Chillicothe

Wednesday, June 19    Chillicothe

Thursday, June 20    at Slippery Rock

Friday, June 21    at Slippery Rock

Saturday, June 22    at Butler

Sunday, June 23    at Butler

Tuesday, June 25    Lorain County

Wednesday, June 26    Lorain County

Thursday, June 27    Richmond

Friday, June 28    Richmond

Saturday, 29    at Lorain County

Sunday, June 30    at Lorain County

Tuesday, July 2    Butler

Wednesday, July 3    Butler

Thursday, July 4    at Slippery Rock

Friday, July 5    at Slippery Rock

Saturday, July 6    at Chillicothe

Sunday, July 7    at Chillicothe

Monday, July 8    Richmond

Tuesday, July 9    Richmond

Wednesday, July 10    at Chillicothe

Thursday, July 11    at Chillicothe

Friday, July 12    Slippery Rock

Saturday, July 13    Slippery Rock

Sunday, July 14    at Butler

Monday, July 15    at Butler

Tuesday, July 16    All Star Break

Wednesday, July 17    All Star Break

Thursday, July 18    at Chillicothe

Friday, July 19    at Chillicothe

Saturday, July 20    Lorain County

Sunday, July 21    Lorain County

Tuesday, July 23    at Richmond

Wednesday, July 24    at Richmond

Thursday, July 25    at Lorain County

Friday, July 26    at Lorain County

Saturday, July 27    Butler

Sunday, July 28    Butler

Tuesday, July 30    at Slippery Rock

Wednesday, July 31    at Slippery Rock

Thursday, August 1    Chillicothe

Friday, August 2    Chillicothe

Saturday, August 3    Richmond

Sunday, August 4    Richmond

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