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July 16, 2013

Reece’s focus will shift soon

Late entrant Albaugh shoots well; Freeman has luck on his side

By Cam Huffman
Sports Editor

DANIELS — By Cam Huffman


It would be easy to assume that winning a third BNI Memorial Golf Classic title would be the highlight of the summer for Brandon Reece. But if that’s the case, Reece better not let one person hear him give that answer — his fiancée, Megan.

Now an insurance agent in Raleigh, N.C., the Beckley native will be getting married back in North Carolina in five weeks, and he said there’s too much work in front of him to let the celebration of his victory in the 33rd BNI last too long.

Reece, though, will find time to squeeze in a little golf. He’ll be playing in the North Carolina Mid-Amatuer later this summer, as well as a couple of club championships.

But no tournament, he said, means as much to him as the BNI.

“Being from Beckley, it’s always a tournament that I look forward to and want to win,” said Reece, who said the BNI is his only competitive round in the Mountain State each year. “It’s nice to come back and see some friends and play some golf courses like Brier Patch, that I grew up on, and Glade Springs, where I worked for three or four years. It’s always nice to come back.”

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There was another young golfer in this year’s BNI field hoping to one day follow in Reece’s footsteps and win the tournament on his home turf some day. Shady Spring High School’s Todd Albaugh, who will be a senior this year, was a late addition to the tournament, but he more than proved he belonged. Albaugh shot a 7-over-par 223 for the tournament and finished in 12th place.

“I really appreciate them giving me the chance to play,” said the Shady Tiger, who was at even-par heading into Monday’s final round. “I’ll definitely be back.”

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Former Woodrow Wilson assistant basketball coach Butch Freeman had a unique good luck charm with him as he battled for a win in the third flight Monday in the tournament, played in honor of his good friend, Andy Holland.

Before teeing off at the Cobb Course at Glade Springs, Freeman went to visit his mother, who gave him a coin with an angel on each side. Freeman used that coin as his ball marker, and it worked.

Twelfth in his flight when the round began, four shots behind four golfers tied at the top of the flight, Freeman carded his best round of the tournament, shooting a 74 to beat every other competitor in his flight by nine strokes. He won the flight by three strokes over John Handy.

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There were a couple of emotional moments during the trophy presentation Monday outside of the pro shop at The Resort at Glade Springs.

Former BNI director Pat Hanna was on hand for the festivities, just days after losing his wife, Beth, to cancer.

“The BNI lost a great friend,” said current BNI tournament director David Hunter. “I hope everybody will remember Pat and his family in their prayers. I hope Pat knows that we’re all here for him if there’s anything he needs.”

Hunter also recognized Holland, presenting a plaque to two of his family members, Darrell and Dixie Garcia.

“I never had the pleasure of knowing him,” said Hunter. “But I have heard a lot of great stories about Andy, and I’m glad we were able to honor him.”

“Andy was a great guy,” said Darrell upon accepting the plaque. “He would have loved to have been here.”

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Just enjoying the moment was also the sentiment of the runner-up, Kelly Shumate.

“I’ve got so many good friends, that I don’t care if I shoot 85 every day,” said Shumate, admitting that the tournament comes at the perfect time, giving him a nice break after months of almost nonstop work preparing for The Greenbrier Classic. “Just getting out and seeing some of my friends that I don’t see too much is all this is about.

“Now, I’m competitive, and I want to play good, but I don’t have huge expectations when I come out.”

Shumate said he started to regain his feel for the game after shaking off a little rust in the opening round, but he’ll likely lose it again, with very little time in his life to hit the links — at least with a golf club in his hand.

“I feel pretty good right now,” he said after a 2-under-par 70 Monday. “But to be honest with you, I’ll play in a member-guest (tournament) with a good friend here next month, and that will probably be it for the year.”

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Championship Flight

Brandon Reece 68-69-71--208

Kelly Shumate 74-70-70--214

Alan Wharton 72-71-72--215

Derek Brooks 72-74-69--215

Brandon Waters 71-70-75--216

Winston Canada 73-70-74--217

Davey Jude 70-74-73--217

x-Greg McGraw 72-71-76--219

x-Michael Powers 68-72-81--221

Aaron Kemlock 71-71-79--221

David Cassis 73-75-75--223

x-Mike Mays 71-72-81--224

Timmy Boggs 72-73-80--225

Chris Sparks 72-72-82--226

x-David McClure 72-73-82--227

Todd Albaugh 73-71-79--229

First Flight

y-Ed McCall 73-77-75--225

Brian Farley 76-74-76--226

y-Dwight Smith 76-76-75--227

Marty Maret 77-74-77--228

y-Billy Lane 76-74-78--228

Gary W. Cooper 79-74-75--228

Mike Smith 77-73-80--230

x-Dennis Vass 75-77-80--232

Nick Mays 75-76-81--232

x-David Cook 77-76-81--234

Greg Simmons 77-73-85--235

J.R. Fox 76-74-85--235

Stuart Scott 77-74-87--238

Don Goins 72-80-92--244

Second Flight

J.R. Scott 78-76-71--225

y-Chuck Stevenson 76-79-74--229

Tony Giles 74-80-76--230

x-David Jude 77-79-75--231

Don Jones 80-76-75--231

y-Sam Corey 81-73-78--232

x-Bumper Wright 79-76-79--234

David Crone 78-75-79--234

x-Tim Fitzwater 78-78-80--236

Harold Davis 76-78-82--236

x-Rick Vass 75-79-85--239

x-Ardie Jenkins 77-77-85-239

Greg Midkiff 79-76-84--239

y-Jerry Hickman 78-77-87--242

Third Flight

y-Butch Freeman 80-81-74--235

John Handy 77-80-81--238

Tim Irwin 79-78-83-240

x-Stewart Myers 81-79-81--241

Erik Koch 76-81-84--241

Gary Cooper 78-80-84--242

z-Rick Thompson 80-77-87--244

x-Mark Workman 83-75-87--245

Travis Brunty 84-74-89--247

Butch Fox 77-83-89--247

x-Jeff Shrewsberry 85-76-87--248

Rick Bryner 78-82-89--249

Todd Griffith 83-78-91--252

Charlie Honaker 83-77-96--256

Fourth Flight

Dewayne Durham 87-75-77--239

Tom McGirl 79-85-79--243

Danny Dillon 82-80-82-244

x-Alan Brinegar 82-81-82--245

Chad Griffith 80-83-84--246

x-Larry Powers 81-81-85--247

John Shelton 84-81-84--249

x-Karl Klaus 84-78-90--252

y-James Gilbert 82-82-89--253

x-Robert Wharton 74-92-89--255

y-Ernie Fox 83-83-91--257

David Gorby 83-82-94--259

Fifth Flight

Sam Townley 83-84-78--245

Jeff Miller 91-78-76--245

y-David Wolfe 81-87-79--247

Eric Scalf 82-85-84--251

y-Gerald Walker 82-85-83--251

George Barr 84-84-84--252

Jack Holt 84-84-85--253

Jay Cantley 84-85-86--255

Greg Mullens 86-83-86--255

x-Rick Barbero 83-85-89--257

z-Bob “Wheel” Thomas 90-78-90--258

x-Bob Saunders 80-87-92--259

x-Joe Sparks 84-84-93--261

Sixth Flight

y-Terrence Beam 84-87-82--253

Mac Hylton 87-83-86--256

y-William Massey 82-88-86--256

Gary Wharton 82-88-86--256

x-Pat Crickard 85-88-85--258

Ryan Crook 83-88-91--262

Shawn Nibert 77-94-93--264

y-Charlie Houck 89-83-92--264

Mike Chapman 84-89-93--266

x-Steve Giles 98-75-96--269

Jacob Morris 91-82-97--270

JT Bradley 87-83-100--270

Robert Henderson 84-86-WD--WD

Jimmy Jones 85-85-WD--WD

Seventh Flight

Jeff Hughes 92-85-84--261

Austin Ransom 88-86-88-262

x-Gary Knapp 93-84-86-263

x-Stan Selden 85-89-92--266

Dakota McComas 90-85-92--267

Jeff Brooks 86-88-93--267

y-Bill DeAth 81-93-95--269

Bob Cavanaugh 94-8393--270

Ryan Neal 81-93-98--272

Eric Griffith 91-87-96--274

Jim Hamrick 91-87-96-274

Joey Blankenship 93-85-102--280

x-David Barbero 90-88-104-282

Jeremy Carte 97-79-WD--WD

Eighth Flight

y-Mike Vallo 89-90-83--262

y-Rock Moyer 86-94-83--263

Jeremy Bailey 88-95-84--267

Jim Workman 99-81-87--267

Brian Ward 84-96-92--272

Steve Davis 90-90-95--275

x-Eugene Jackson 90-95-92--277

Mike Halstead 90-98-90--278

x-Rocky McKinney 90-97-95--282

Chuck Hurley 97-91-96--284

x-Rich Young 93-92-100--285

Tink Brown 95-93-101--289

Ninth Flight

y-Buddy Crowder 92-97-89--278

x-Darrell Bailey 94-97-90--281

Garrett Allen 109-86-93--288

x-Don Murphy 93-96-101--290

Adam Etris 103-94-94--291

Brent Turrentine 94-99-99--292

Boo Nuckols 96-96-103--293

John Lively 106-93-95--294

Aaron Neal 98-98-99--295

x-Kenny Fly 98-98-100--296

Darren Moore 99-90-107--296

Jonathan Forren 105-93-98--296

y-Roy Forren 97-100-100--297

James Allen 105-94-101--300

Steven Gardner 102-94-106--302

Jim Lilly 92-101-WD--WD

Tenth Flight

Jimmy Lane 96-107-93--296

Syd Sullivan 88-115-99--302

y-Frank Marra 98-103-109--310

Terry Caldwell 101-106-104--311

Louis Lilly 96-108-109--313

x-Harold Griffith 105-105-106--316

Robert Daniel 104-106-109--319

y-Sonny Bivens 106-106-108--320

Brian Davis 109-110-119-338

x-Tom Settle 104-113-130--347

y-George Senopole 115-117-128-360

Nathan McKinney 125-128-135--388

yDave Bryant 96107-WD--WD

George Bragg 100-107-WD--WD

-Richard Henderson 114-99-WD--WD

y-Buddy Jarrell 110-107-WD--WD

John Scott DNS


x-Senior Division (50-59)

y-Silver Division (60-69)

z-Gold Division (70 and older)

DNS — Did not show