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July 4, 2013

Gainey, Wagner have great first rounds

Interviews with early leaders at The Greenbrier Classic



Q. 16?

TOMMY GAINEY: 16, I hit a poor wedge shot, hit it fat, laid the sod over it, whichever one you want to use, but I normally putt off the green, because I feel like I can putt it closer than I can chip it. It just so happened that it went in.

Q. Pretty much going steady dead red here, 21 or 22, I think Stuart shot two 58s or two 59s, is that out there this week, 8 already?

TOMMY GAINEY: You know, I believe you can get to at least 20 this week, maybe a little more. I think it also depends on the weather. I mean, if the wind gets up, if more thunderstorms come in this way, which I think there is some more rain on the way as we're speaking right now, so it depends on how much more rain we get and how much softer this course gets. You know, I still feel that you can go at it.

Q. How nice is it to be in the house in early? These afternoon guys, who knows, there could be a lot of stop, starting, that type of thing?

TOMMY GAINEY: Absolutely, I'm very happy that I got my round in without no delays because I believe, as I've heard, there's more rain coming. I'm glad I'm not in the afternoon and have to deal with all the delays because it could be one or two or it could be four or five, you just don't know. It could be a start a stop, then a start again and a stop. That wear and tears on you a little bit when you have to go through that.

Q. The rest of the day, are you going to do some skeet shooting or go to the casino, take a nap?

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