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July 4, 2013

Gainey, Wagner have great first rounds

Interviews with early leaders at The Greenbrier Classic



TOMMY GAINEY: Well, you know, my family and my support system around me, they just -- they noticed that I've been trying to force the issue. Ever since last year I feel like I should be playing more consistently, playing a lot better, contending more, and that wasn't the case. I was just putting so much pressure on myself and they noticed it and they had a talk with me and we sat down and tried to iron it out. Now I'm just trying to have fun again because that's what this game is to me, it's a lot of fun. I really don't want to go back into a factory, even AO Smith, working on an assembly line because I love what I'm doing right now.

MODERATOR: Well with that being said, we'll open it up and take some questions.

Q. First, talk about your front nine, finished with a 5-under 29, and second, take us through the decision to use a putter on 16 and leave the flagstick in. Of course you hit that dead center.

TOMMY GAINEY: You know, the front mine, I believe it's essential to get off to a good start on the 1st hole of the day and the first round of the tournament. You know, I hit a good drive, I hit kind of a poor second shot because I think it was like 40 feet or so, but I made the putt. It felt like I hit it five feet and made it. I made a 40-footer, got off to a great start, then the next hole I hit it up there 15 feet and made another putt. So I birdied the first two holes, got off to a great start, got the momentum built up, and I just tried to ride it on through the rest of the day. You know, I don't know what to say. There was a few holes in there that I missed some good putts at it, but you know what, you're not going to make every putt. I just hope to make the majority.

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