The Register-Herald, Beckley, West Virginia

February 28, 2014

VIDEO: Prosecutor: ‘You stabbed her, you stabbed her, you stabbed her’

By Wendy Holdren
Register-Herald Reporter

— Raleigh County Prosecuting Attorney Kristen Keller spent Friday morning cross-examining Jeremy Lambert, who is on trial for the murder of Cyan Maroney.

Keller resumed her questioning on day four of the trial by asking Lambert where he threw the bloody knife he used to stab Maroney with 23 times; “I don’t know, ma’am,” he responded.

During an interview with forensic psychiatrist Dr. Bobby Miller about a month after the Oct. 2, 2011, murder, Lambert told Miller he had thrown the knife out of his window somewhere in the Thurmond area of Fayette County.

“But you forgot to throw out the box, didn’t you?” Keller asked, referencing the knife box that police later found in his green 1992 Geo Tracker.

Keller continued with a series of questions about Lambert’s interview with Miller and the testimony he gave before the jury on Thursday; his answers to many of the questions contradicted previous statements.

“Are you the human being that stuck the Bowie knife into Cyan’s body 23 times?” Keller asked.

Lambert said, “Yes, ma’am.”

“The Bowie knife was a secret from her, wasn’t it?” Keller asked, “And the purpose of the knife was a secret also, wasn’t it?”

Lambert stuttered and stammered during many of his responses to Keller’s questions, and answered many with, “I don’t know.”

During his interview with Miller, Lambert said of Maroney, “She was a doll.” Keller asked him to elaborate on what he meant.

“She was a very sweet person. She always had a positive attitude,” Lambert said.

Keller asked him if he would agree that she was trusting, petite, very talented, caring, loving and extremely hard-working; Lambert agreed with all of those descriptions.

Lambert’s previous relationships were discussed, including his ex-wife calling his military superiors about his excessive drinking. He also admitted to having homicidal thoughts about an ex-girlfriend’s mother after an argument where she told him needed to get a job.

Keller asked him more details about his deployment to Kuwait and he agreed that he never saw anyone get shot; he never shot anyone; he never saw any comrades killed or lose any limbs; and he never suffered any combat-related injuries.

She reviewed his employment history and asked if he had told any of his employers about his hallucinations, drinking problems or any issues related to his post traumatic stress disorder; he said no.

Keller asked Lambert why he chose to buy the 14-inch Bowie knife at Walmart the night of Maroney’s murder instead of returning to his mother’s house where she kept several guns.

He said he didn’t want to use one of his mother’s guns because they were registered in her name.

Lambert admitted to buying more beer at a gas station after the murder, and Keller said, “Instead of saying, ‘Please help me, I’ve murdered someone,’ you bought some beer.”

“I didn’t have the intention to go over there and kill anyone, even the man I thought may have been there,” Lambert said.

He said during testimony Thursday he believed an ex-boyfriend may have been at Maroney’s house, so he wanted to arm himself for protection.

“You bought that weapon to inflict maximum terror,” Keller said. “You stabbed her, you stabbed her, you stabbed her,” she said as she counted on her fingers and repeated the words 23 times.

Family members sitting in the court room began crying.

“You had a phone with you, right?” Keller asked. “When did you call 911?”

“I never made that phone call,” Lambert said.

Lambert, in his testimony Thursday, said he called his mother and told her he thought he had killed Maroney.

“You’ve demonstrated a complete lack of concern for Cyan Maroney and her well-being… You didn’t ask (about her when he was being transported to the Fayette County Police Department) because you didn’t care,” Keller said.

Testimony continues this afternoon.