The Register-Herald, Beckley, West Virginia

July 25, 2010

W.Va. band to be featured on Golf Channel

By Andrea Lannom
Register-Herald Reporter

— Viewers watching Golf Channel may hear familiar voices during “Destination Golf” as it covers The Greenbrier Classic Tuesday night. A few West Virginia bands will have their songs featured on the show.

One such band out of Hurricane, Fletcher’s Grove, recently signed a licensing agreement with Golf Channel to use its song, “Don’t Take My Peace,” during the 8 p.m. broadcast. Vocalist Ryan Krofcheck says the band is still in shock.

“It’s really funny. We never thought we would be featured on a golf channel,” Krofcheck said. “When they told us they wanted to use ‘Don’t Take My Peace,’ we were a little shocked that they chose that one in particular, but we are really excited about it.” 

A main focus of “Destination Golf” is showcasing local talent. On its website, bands are featured under a special tab titled “Music by Local Artists,” where one can find and listen to bands from all over the nation and also watch the accompanying show. For The Greenbrier Classic, producers wanted to do the same thing, so they contacted the Empty Glass in Charleston to get a sample of local music, Krofcheck said.

“After that, they contacted the guitar player, Wes, and asked if we could send a CD down,” he said. “It’s great that the Golf Channel thinks about that kind of stuff. They help out the little bands by getting some authentic local music in their program.”

The five-man-band made up of Krofcheck, Matt Marion, Wes Hager, Taylor Pratt and Adam Greene got its start in the winter of 2006 when members were in their senior year of high school. Krofcheck described the band as having a funk, rock sound. Yet, he said it is most famous for its jam sessions. Although the band members are attending college, they still manages to perform around the state every weekend.

“Of course, when we’re in school, we can’t do too much considering how we get out on a Friday and since half of our members are at WVU and the other half are at Marshall,” he said.  

The band also recently released its new album, “All the Way Home,” where it got to work with Jeff Bosley from Mountain Stage.

“We are working with an agency and they helped us get a demo out for the first three songs of our new album,” Krofcheck said. “We recorded with Jeff Bosley with Mountain Stage and he’s really good. Also, since one of our members goes to Marshall, we got to use the recording studio.”

This summer in particular has been big, Krofcheck said. The band also has started to expand its performances to out-of-state locations. 

Krofcheck says he is happy with the success the summer has brought to the band. With “Destination Golf,” he says, not only is the band excited but fans are as well.

“It sounds like it’s going to be pretty big, but we’re trying not to think about it right now because they could only use a few seconds of the song,” he said.  “When we signed the license agreement, we posted it on Facebook and a bunch of people liked it and told us how they all thought it was awesome.”

Krofcheck says he would like to continue his musical career after he graduates college.

“When you come this far, and people are actually paying attention to your music, you feel like you’re doing what you’ve always wanted to do,” he said. “We still have a couple more years of college left, but I would definitely like to continue it.”

Until then, he says he is happy where he is.

“We’re fortunate to play here in West Virginia,” he said. “There’s so many other bands in other states and cities, and it’s saturated. Here, there are a handful of great musicians and we have a lot of support.”