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May 18, 2013

An Eye Toward the Future

Wyoming teen 'ready to move on' following graduation

NEW RICHMOND — Editor’s note: During the next several days, The Register-Herald will run feature stories about graduating seniors from area high schools. The series of stories has been tagged “An Eye Toward The Future.” We hope you enjoy these in-depth looks at some special young adults.


Allyssa Bradford, of Saulsville, has always wanted to pursue a career in the medical field.

Following her June 2 graduation from Wyoming East High School, she will pursue a career in pharmacy at the University of Charleston.

“I’m not the type of person who can handle blood, or things like that,” she said.

“I thought about being a pediatrician,” she said of her alternate career choice.

“But you have to go to school for 11 years,” she added with a laugh. “And I didn’t want to be 30 before I graduated.

“I want to do something that will get me a good paying job, but I don’t want to have to go to school forever.”

Her dad, Todd, has been the biggest influence in her life, she believes.

“My dad works all the time in the coal mines,” she explained.

“That showed me that you have to go to college and get a good education, or you have to work all the time to support your family.”

Her mom, Samantha, has also been a huge influence.

“She works from home; she runs a business,” Bradford said.

An honor student, Bradford has enjoyed her high school experience. Among the extracurricular activities, she’s been a cheerleader for four years.

Bradford has mixed feelings about her high school graduation.

“I’m scared and I’m excited,” she emphasized.

“I’m ready to move on and do something different. I have to start doing things for myself. I’m leaving all my friends. All my close friends are going to Concord (University),” she said.

“It’s not really that far,” the teen noted of her friends’ college choice. And I’m not really going that far. We’ll still see each other.”

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