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July 2, 2012

Area stations out of gas, awaiting delivery of more

BECKLEY — Residents with and without power headed out in search of fuel Sunday.

Motorists discovered several stations that were up and running Saturday no longer had gas and others that have had power restored are slammed with hot customers running on empty.

The Sheetz station in Beaver, operating on a generator, ran out of gas at 9 a.m. Sunday. They were told a truck from Pennsylvania would be bringing gas Sunday evening but they couldn’t guarantee an arrival time, a clerk told The Register-Herald.

The Sheetz on North Eisenhower Drive still had gas but they had a line of customers all day. A clerk said there was no way of telling how long the gas would last and when exactly another tanker would arrive.

Although gas availability on the West Virginia Turnpike caused traffic to back up Saturday, the Turnpike dispatch said the Plazas at Tamarack and near Athens still had gas and were much less crowded.

A clerk at the Little General BP Station at 3133 Robert C. Byrd Drive said he has been telling people to come and get gas as soon as possible because their supply was running low.

“Since the power has come on, we have not, not had a line,” he added.

At 6 p.m. Brian Waugh, merchandising director for Little General, said the following Little General Stores are now open: Bradley, Nell Jean, Stanaford, Calloway Heights, Eisenhower Drive, Valley Drive, Harper Road, Glen Daniel, Oceana Exxon, Oceana Sunoco, Pineville, Mullens, MacArthur, Daniels, White Sulphur Springs, Smithers and Summersville.

Stores not open Sunday evening were located in Fayetteville, Ansted, Gauley Bridge, Oak Hill Exxon, Oak Hill BP, Glen Jean, Rock Creek, Beaver, Charmco, Lewisburg, Alderson, Fairlea and Marlinton.

The Go-Mart on Harper Road in Beckley ran out of gas around 4 p.m. Sunday and they don’t expect a delivery until sometime this morning.

The Go-Mart at 2905 Robert C. Byrd in Beckley limited gas purchases to $30 per person Sunday.

The clerk added that their home office was attempting to make contact with one of their tankers to get a gas delivery, but they don’t know when it will arrive and were running low on gas by 5 p.m. Sunday.

On Saturday, Main Street Exxon in Union was the only gas station known to be selling gas in Monroe County. By Sunday morning they were out of gas and don’t expect more until late today or Tuesday.

The only known gas station open in Summers County is Triangle One Stop on Pleasant Street in Hinton.

For a while Triangle was limiting gas, said a clerk, but long lines and crowds prevented them from enforcing the limit and they are now allowing people to get what they want.

The Fayette County Emergency Operations Center reported that a few gas stations in Mount Nebo and the Summersville area are now open.

Other than that, most Fayette County residents are headed toward Beckley, the official said.

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