I am often asked how to get a job in the outdoor industry. There is no real answer besides raw determination sprinkled with a whole bunch of luck.

For those who are interested, I ran across this job posting the other day.

--- Wanted: A self-motivated person who is knowledgeable in the arts of outdoor pursuits, who possesses a willingness to share experiences and enjoys watching others be successful. 

--- Qualifications required but not limited to:

Applicant must be able to set alarm for unthinkable wake-up times, drive in any weather condition, skin deer, fry fish, scout deer stands, feed dogs, untangle knotted fishing lines, sharpen knives, hang tree stands, whittle sticks, build fires even when it is raining, pitch tents, cut firewood, tell direction by the moon, row rivers, start outboard motors, load ATVs, run trot lines, butcher game, fillet fish, run fast, shoot straight, track deer, paddle a canoe, climb a tree, gig frogs, seine minnows, cast a fly rod and turn over rocks for worms

He must pack lunches, change batteries in small flashlights, carry heavy packs, drag deer over steep hills, climb mountains, use a compass, read maps, sleep in trucks and stinky campers, carry a handkerchief, pack extra socks, carry water, call in turkeys, build hunting blinds, catch fish of any species, pack in a week’s worth of groceries, tie a knot, re-spool a bait casting reel, predict the weather, tune a bow, load a muzzleloader, catch night crawlers, throw a cast net, surf fish, tie flies, reload ammunition, tell direction by the sun, identify the constellations, know when the rut occurs, get trucks unstuck from mud holes, make bologna sandwich on a dash board, administer basic first-aid, call in coyotes, make jerky, skip rocks and swim.

He should tell campfire stories, hoot like an owl, carry extra toilet paper, sit still, laugh at bad jokes, tie shoes multiple times a day, remember the snacks, pack out a bear, know every bird by song, have adequate knowledge of the “good ole days,” land fish with a net, make carp bait out of bread, chum fish, string a bow, hit a target out of the air with a shotgun, cut kindling, pluck a goose, cross fallen logs, find lost dogs,  doctor the ill, cut bait, make a meal out of Vienna Sausages, get fish hooks out of body parts, ask permission from landowners to hunt, book trips to far away places, light a Coleman lantern and cook over a fire.

He can pack a cooler, load the truck, remember the hand warmers, go to bed late, fry bacon, troll for trout, skin squirrels, chase rabbits, make a forked stick into a rod holder, tell time, throw a buzz bait, predict deer movement, pull arrows from targets, know port from starboard, identify snakes, untangle fishing lures, be patient, loving, kind and make adventures that create memories that last a lifetime.

--- Pay Scale: No monetary rewards offered.

--- Benefits: Being a dad.

Thank you to all the fathers out there who take the time to share their time with others afield.



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