The Register-Herald, Beckley, West Virginia

November 14, 2012

Breaking Out of the Mold: The Exceptional Cranberry

By Lisa Shrewsberry
Lifestyles Editor

— Can you think of a sadder existence than not living up to one’s potential? In the fruit world, that underdog with a tale of woe is the cranberry.

Gloriously colored, adopted by the grandest holiday celebrations and surprisingly nutritious, the cranberry has a lot more going for it than most cooks allow. Yeah. We know. The holiday table wouldn’t be the same without a bowl of cranberry sauce or grandma’s cranberry mold. But try highlighting the cranberry’s versatility as a tangy component to a Tex-Mex salsa to present her favorite fall fruit as a crowd-pleasing appetizer, not an afterthought.

While they can’t be eaten out of the bag (without a pucker), cranberries challenge cooks to transform them. They can act as a base for brining poultry to infuse both moisture and flavor. (Any exacting chef of a whole bird knows it’s a crime not to brine.)

Maybe your little one has his nose turned up at traditional Ants on a Log, but tiny tummies will delight at Ladybugs on a Log, featuring sweet and colorful Craisins® instead of raisins.

Since the United States is the world’s largest cranberry producer by a landslide, what could be more American than rustic cranberry-kissed pie pops? Bursting with fruity flavor, these delicious, bite-sized morsels will leave your guests feeling charmed and satisfied, not as stuffed as  Thanksgiving turkey.