The Register-Herald, Beckley, West Virginia

September 23, 2012

Clements State Tree Nursery selling seedlings

For The Register-Herald

WEST COLUMBIA — Whether you want 25 tree seedlings or 2,500, Clements State Tree Nursery is ready to fill your order.

The West Virginia Division of Forestry’s tree nursery is accepting orders for the 2012-2013 planting season. This year’s inventory includes four different evergreens — white pine, Virginia pine, Scotch pine and Norway spruce — in addition to 20 leafy (deciduous) species.

Among the deciduous seedlings are native hardwoods like white, red and chestnut oaks, tulip poplar and sycamore. A special offering of the “French Thank You” is available this year, as well.

Although the nursery typically raises species native to West Virginia, it makes an exception for the French Thank You oak. The tree is actually an English oak, but goes by a different name at the nursery due to its interesting background.

After World War II, French citizens loaded 49 boxcars with a variety of items and sent them to the United States in appreciation for the nation’s efforts during World War II. One boxcar was assigned to each state and the District of Columbia. Within West Virginia’s boxcar were small English oak transplant trees and acorns. Those trees and acorns in turn were transferred to the state’s tree nursery, where they are still grown today.

Other species available this year include black walnut, American and Chinese chestnuts, black cherry, American plum and redbud. An additional 10 species, including flowering shrubs, are available in limited quantities.

Call the nursery at 304-675-1820 for species information and availability.

Prices range from 20 cents per tree to $1 per tree, depending on the number of seedlings ordered, with the exception of American chestnut, which is $3 and $2 per tree depending on quantity ordered. A 20 percent discount is offered on orders of 5,000 or more.

Order online at www., print your order form and mail to the nursery at 624 Forestry Drive, West Columbia, WV 25287, or call 304-675-1820 to place your order.

For an electronic order form and catalog, visit the Division of Forestry’s website at