The Register-Herald, Beckley, West Virginia

May 5, 2013

FOC Auxiliary thanks, recognizes volunteers

— The Friends of Coal Ladies Auxiliary thanks its many volunteers and supporters who have contributed to our cause. April 19-25 was National Volunteers week, as you know. How many of you reading this article will ask yourself “why volunteer?”.

Part of being a great volunteer is caring deeply about an issue and spreading that passion to others. Join the Friends of Coal Ladies Auxiliary and become a positive influence for coal, declare your dedication, connect with your community and find personal satisfaction.

Our auxiliary is dedicated to uniting people from diverse backgrounds to work toward a common goal and make a difference. In 2012, according to, 22.7 percent of West Virginia residents volunteered. The estimated dollar value of volunteer time in our state is $22 per hour.

Commonly, these hours are not tracked. The Friends of Coal Ladies Auxiliary decided to track its volunteer hours for last year and was shocked at the total of over 30,000 hours spent on positive community involvement. Projects included:

- Coal in the Classroom

- Friends of Coal Auto Fair

- Provided Internet service for the residents of the Veterans Hospital in Beckley

- Decorated theme-requested floors at the Veterans Hospital as well as filling their wish lists throughout the year.

- Annual Giving Hearts Christmas projects representing more than 300 individuals in 2012.

- Provided assistance with Mabscott United Methodist Church backpack project.

- Donated to the Heart of God Ministries school event.

- Provided items for the Bereavement Group in the nursery at Raleigh General Hospital.

- Provided GI phone cards to the United States Armed Forces Iraq and Afghanistan project.

- Provided items as well as financial aid to several coal mining families who were flooded or burned out of their homes.

- Assisted with “Strike Out Diabetes Campaign.”

Volunteering is more than responding to an e-mail or registering as a member. It is about using your time, a precious commodity, to support a group, organization or cause that is important to you. Commitment to others builds character.

Show your support of coal by joining the Friends of Coal Ladies Auxiliary. Stop and consider how coal affects you. Some may think their employment, for example, as a salesperson, is not affected by the coal industry, but what if the mining industry in our state was closed down by this administration? How long do you think it would take for our businesses to reduce their workforce?

If the majority of our community or states have no paying jobs, there would be no need for merchants.

Join us to learn how to share with others the importance of coal and why we need to promote this source of energy in our state. We meet the last Thursday of each month at 6:30 p.m. at 144 Whitestick St., Mabscott.

Volunteering encourages civic responsibility and instills optimism that we can make a difference in our community, state and nation. We are responsible for our future.

The people who do volunteer and work locally for a community organization are the unsung heroes of today's world. In a world where there is so much trouble and strife these people provide a great service for the local community. They work together in harmony to benefit others.

For additional information contact us at:, call 304-255-1457 Ext. 20 or e-mail: ladiesauxiliary