The Register-Herald, Beckley, West Virginia

September 15, 2013

WVSOM center receives accreditation

— The Clinical Evaluation Center (CEC) at West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine (WVSOM) has received accreditation by The Society for Simulation in Healthcare (SSH).

“Designation as an accredited simulation center signifies to pros-pective students, potential inter-professional partners and health care educators that the programs offered through the CEC meet an international standard of excellence and quality,” said Stephanie Schuler, executive director.

“As we compete for grants and conduct research projects, it sets us apart as a center that has a proven record of producing quality programs. This designation signifies added value that ultimately provides our students with educational opportunities consistently at or beyond the national standard.”

Innovative resources are vital in order to prepare the student physician for advances in patient care and treatment. The Clinical Evaluation Center provides hands-on training using 22 human patient simulators, or robotic patients, plus an experienced team of standardized patients, community members trained to portray patients with specific illnesses.

With the aid of simulators and standardized patients, students gain interactive experience via a variety of clinical scenarios presented in a safe and controlled environment.

The human patient simulators range from low-fidelity simulators that are full-body mannequins with limited functions such as heart and lung sounds to high-fidelity simulators which are sophisticated, computer-driven, interactive models that talk and breathe, with pulses and pupils that constrict and dilate.

One robotic patient may be designed to give birth and present a variety of pre-natal and post-natal complications, while another model simulates realistic symptoms of a heart attack.

The CEC maintains 76 task trainers, which are models of human body parts used to help students address real-life complications within those specific areas. A task trainer may help students learn to insert catheters, perform IV insertions, perform labor techniques or examine specific areas like ear canals, the prostate or muscles.

With this recent achievement, WVSOM’s Clinical Evaluation Center has demonstrated its leadership in simulation education. It is currently the only accredited simulation center in the state and joins a select group of facilities worldwide that have received recognition for their excellence.

The SSH represents educators, research scientists and advocates who use simulation methodologies for education, testing and research. Simulation programs with a minimum two-year track record of excellence in assessment, research or teaching may apply for accreditation.