The Register-Herald, Beckley, West Virginia

December 28, 2013

Waiting for the future to unfold

Keeping The Faith

— Editor’s note: This column by the late Bev Davis originally was published Dec. 26, 2009. Davis passed away Aug. 1, 2010, of a sudden illness.


Boy, didn’t see that one coming. Seems like no one did. I hope the snow of the decade was just that, a once-in-10-years episode.

It was a scary time. I was totally isolated for more than a day. I can’t thank the Lord enough my power stayed on. I prayed earnestly for all those without electricity and for all the crews out trying to get back the basic comforts of heat and light for families across the region.

For the first time since I’ve had to face these crises alone, God gave me a wonderful friend who knows exactly how it feels to be cut off from everything. She and I called each other several times a day. If she went out to try to clear a walk, I had instructions to call and have neighbors check on her if I didn’t hear from her within an hour. She did the same for me.

We both experience great anxiety when heavy snow makes roofs creak and when heavy-laden pine boughs lie low on power lines near our homes. We also don’t like being cooped up, especially when it’s too dangerous to be out and when any number of things could happen.

In our many exchanges, we looked for life lessons and tried to be open to what God was teaching us.

She decided it was a need for patience, which for her would be finding the faith to wait expectantly for the storm to be over and good things to happen.

It ties right in with the Christmas season. Some of the Old Testament prophecies foretelling the coming of Jesus Christ speak of a concept called “waiting forward.” Not waiting for our precious power to go out. Not waiting for the other shoe to drop. Not waiting for the next disaster. Waiting forward with the hope promises will be kept, we would be fine, and that God would give those of us who live alone some special grace.

My lesson seemed to follow those same lines with more of an emphasis on trusting God. Last January, I had been led to focus on trust throughout the year. It wasn’t a New Year’s resolution. It was a study in what it means to really trust.

Through the economic downturn I learned trusting in a paycheck is a fragile thing. Trusting in God the provider of the paycheck takes more faith.

Yet, I watched amazed as the Lord stretched less money across a landscape of rising prices of everything and several unexpected financial needs. The object of my trust made the difference. God can be trusted to be faithful to His Word. He has committed Himself to meet my every need.

I have found Him faithful in meeting my physical, emotional and social needs as well. I wish I could say I have mastered the art of trusting God, but the recent snowstorm taxed the limits of my trust and showed me I still have room to grow.

As I approach the new year, I think “waiting forward” will be the next rung on my trust ladder.

May each of you find the love, hope, joy, peace and faith you need as you wait forward for what God has in store for you.

Happy New Year!