The Register-Herald, Beckley, West Virginia

January 5, 2013

In spite of it all, God loves us anyway

By Bev Davis

— Editor’s note: This column by the late Bev Davis originally was published June 25, 2005. Davis passed away Aug. 1, 2010, of a sudden illness.

An e-mail from a friend this week made me aware there are some really strange things about us humans.

For example:

- Isn’t it strange how $20 seems like such a large amount when you donate it to church, but such a small amount when you go shopping?

- Isn’t it strange how easy it is to believe some claim in a TV infomercial but how hard it is to believe the truths of a Sunday morning sermon?

- Isn’t it strange how quick we are to tell someone about a great deal we got on a new car, an insurance policy or at a flea market, but how reluctantly we are to share our faith?

- Isn’t it strange how easily we can forgive a small child for rude behavior, but we so quickly judge another adult?

- Isn’t it strange how two hours seem so long when you’re at church, and how short they seem when you’re watching a good movie?

- Isn’t it strange that you can’t find a word to say when you’re praying, but you have no trouble thinking what to talk about with a friend?

- Isn’t it strange how difficult and boring it is to read one chapter of the Bible, but how easy it is to read 100 pages of a popular novel?

- Isn’t it strange how everyone wants front-row tickets to concerts or games, but they do whatever is possible to sit at the last row in church?

- Isn’t it strange how we need to know about an event for church two or three weeks in advance so we can include it in our agenda, but we can adjust it for other events in the last minute?

- Isn’t it strange how difficult it is to learn a fact about God to share it with others, but how easy it is to learn, understand, extend and repeat gossip?

- Isn’t it strange how we believe everything that magazines and newspapers say, but we question the words in the Bible?

- Isn’t it strange how everyone wants a place in heaven, but they don’t want to believe in, do or say anything to get there?

- Isn’t it strange how we send jokes in e-mails and they are forwarded right away, but when we are going to send messages about God, we think about it twice before we share it with others?

- Isn’t it strange — and wonderful — that God loves us anyway?