The Register-Herald, Beckley, West Virginia

March 6, 2013


Police can never relax when it comes to battling drug abuse

— A raid conducted late Monday evening at a residence on South Fayette Street is another stark reminder of how the drug trade has become a never-ending battle for police and our society as a whole.

Executing a search warrant at a residence located adjacent to the Beckley Police Department’s East Beckley precinct, and literally across the street from Stratton Elementary, authorities say they found what appeared to be equipment used for cooking meth. Also inside the home was 44-year-old Mark Anthony Lyons, a convicted felon. Police went on to discover a firearm and, get this, a 6-month-old child.

Lyons was arrested and taken off to the Southern Regional Jail. The infant was taken to a local hospital to be examined and on Tuesday morning, with classes in session a rocks throw away, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency was on the scene assessing any potential contamination.

People will stop at nothing when it comes to drugs.

While Lyons will certainly have his day in court, the allegations against him point to the “stop at nothing” mentality some have when it comes to drugs.

The residence isn’t but a few feet away from a police station. Hundreds of kids attend the nearby school during weekdays, and an innocent child was being kept in the home.

Call it brazen, call it crazy, call it whatever you like.

The fact is, it is going on all the time, and its happening in places where you just wouldn’t think it would be.

Think is actually the key word in that last sentence.

Far too many involved in the world of drugs just don’t think and that makes it all the more hazardous for everyone else.

We’re glad police moved in, but we’re resigned to the daunting reality that they can never relax or let their guard down because pushers and abusers keep running rampant throughout our communities.

The battle against drugs must continue, no matter how tough it may seem.