The Register-Herald, Beckley, West Virginia

February 21, 2013

Progress can’t happen

When personal disputes take over the spotlight

— Accusations.


Blatant falsehoods.

These terms, along with other ugly remarks, have been aired this month when it comes to the business of the Raleigh County Commission.

Our elected members of the commission meet on a regular basis, assumingly to push the county forward and to ensure its citizens that tax dollars are being spent wisely.

But taking up several minutes of the commission’s official work for this type of political rhetoric is not time spent wisely.

Sadly, such behavior is not confined to Raleigh County though.

This type of conduct from elected officials all across our country discourages the populate.

No wonder voter turnout in America is regularly so low.

Apathy is a behavior that is built over the years of listening to squabbling and maneuvering for a candidate’s political gain — instead of working for the people they serve.

Some disgruntled folks on the voter registry (but absent from the polling places) say that there are no worthy candidates, at least not ones that could stir up enough gumption to get out and pull a lever on their behalf.

With as much talent and wisdom in our land, isn’t that a shame?

But who could blame a talented and intelligent young man or woman from not even considering entering the political arena.

To get beat up?

To get halted at every turn because of the personal agendas of others?

No thanks.

A lucrative career sitting anonymously behind a desk must trump getting the daylights beat out of you in the public forum on a regular basis.

For the politicians and statesmen that take on the responsibility of serving their constituents in an honest and diligent manner, may you hold steadfast to your principles and be able to deflect the political firestorms that come your way.

We need you in our towns, our counties, our state and in our nation.

Now, perhaps more than ever.

Still, some choose to duke it out over petty differences.

It’s conduct that is unbecoming.