The Register-Herald, Beckley, West Virginia

July 31, 2013

Fight must go on

Clarksburg deaths prove drug fight is crucial

— We’ve railed against the epidemic that is casting a dark shadow across West Virginia many times in this space.

And we’re not about to give up this fight.

Drug abuse and the culture that surrounds it is an evil that threatens our residents in one manner or another every day.

Whether it’s a possession arrest, an overdose, theft, a robbery, home invasions, embezzlement, just about any story that’s hitting the news — more often than not, it’s root is in drugs.

We’ve watched as friends, neighbors and loved ones were impacted personally, either with their own struggles or by being victimized by the scourge that drugs brings with it.

A tragedy in Clarksburg last week was frightening, sickening and loathsome to the core.

Four people are dead.

The perpetrator is believed to have shot and killed two men in a drug deal gone wrong. He then reportedly shot and killed a father and son delivering newspapers who happened to be in his path early one morning.

Cold blooded murder is not beyond the possibility of a maniac jacked up on drugs, or even a momentarily sober addict facing the possibility of prison time.

Collectively, we cannot give up this fight.

Our hope is that our state exhausts every avenue in abuse prevention, law enforcement and legislation to rein in this rampant disease.  

We cannot allow our communities in West Virginia to be overcome by druggies and all that comes with this culture.

Innocent lives are not only at stake, they are being snuffed out.

Not only in the streets of Detroit or New York.

No, right here in Every Small Town, West Virginia.