The Register-Herald, Beckley, West Virginia

July 5, 2013

Basic services

The Register-Herald

— If everything continues on its current schedule, construction crews will begin work early next year on a major water line project in the eastern part of Raleigh County.

By 2015, hundreds of people living in the Bragg-Pluto area will no longer have to rely on wells — and the unreliability of the weather and water table below ground — or hauling in large containers or jugs, to have potable water.

The quality of the water will change as well. Instead of worrying constantly about it, rarely will that be a problem again.

It is a basic service that many of us have taken for granted most, if not all of our lives. However, there are still plenty of populated areas like this one that unfortunately don’t have it.

In this country known across the globe for its modernization and technology, the availability of basic services, like water and sewer, continues to remain a challenge especially throughout significant swaths of Appalachia.

We commend our local Raleigh County officials who have been pushing this project for the last several years and their continued commitment to find ways to fund it.

Signs are pointing to the county now having the final money pieces set to be put in place so work can begin.

In our opinion there are very few other things that signal progress, or are more important than being able to provide access for our citizens to services that improve their lives and health.