The Register-Herald, Beckley, West Virginia

February 27, 2013

What's next? Fiscal cliff? Sequestration? Antics in Washington are anything but amusing

— As soon as the November general election was over, leading all the way up to the start of 2013, all we heard out of Washington, D.C., was about the fiscal cliff and how America was doomed for yet another financial disaster unless the executive and legislative branches could work something out.

In the end, another band-aid was applied to our country’s bleeding fiscal picture and many Americans found out when they received their first paychecks of 2013 that whatever deal really got done included the end of a slight payroll tax break for the working majority.

Now we are hearing about sequestration and the bad things that are about to occur if the President and Congress don’t come to some type of an agreement again.

We think if you polled most Americans they would quite clearly tell you they are fed up with all the posturing and bickering that still prevails on Capitol Hill.

It’s gotten to the point where nobody really wants to hear what they are doing in Washington, D.C., anymore. A lot of gumflapping, fear-mongering and lack of compromise continues to rule the day.

If we could arrange for a special discount on a one-way cruise to Gilligan’s Island for the whole lot of them, and we understand cruise packages are pretty cheap these days, we’d have to look into it.

This actually isn’t funny or a laughing matter at all. It’s quite serious and our country’s fiscal future continues to remain in jeopardy because far too many of our elected leaders have completely forgotten the meaning of negotiation and compromise.

How many more cliffs or scares do we have to endure before they get it right, or worse, cause this great country to really suffer from a fatalistic financial meltdown.

Maybe Congress and the Administration should remain sequestered on Capitol Hill until they come together and sort it out once and for all. No trips home, no days off.

The American people are growing increasingly tired of the ineffectiveness coming from within the beltway, that’s for sure.