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April 30, 2013

Fix it all

The sequester.

If we were allowed to define it in a updated version of the dictionary it would read—“The latest in a series of blunders committed by our federal lawmakers and executive branch leadership in Washington, D.C.”

Why such harsh criticism?

Because once again, action, or should that be inaction on Capitol Hill has created yet another series of problems for America that were absolutely unnecessary and could have been avoided.

Flight delays across the country, credited to furlough days being imposed on air traffic controllers due to the sequestration that kicked in several weeks back when Congress failed to pass a budget, have riled up travelers to the point that federal Transportation officials have been given new latitude by those same lawmakers to shuffle around monies to resolve the impending crisis.

So it seems as if they’ve fixed this trouble at airports for now.

Now. what’s next?

What they really need to do is fix it all by getting together and working out an acceptable budget.

Plenty of folks might say that’s just not possible. That’s just it right there, that disagreeable, can’t do attitude.

Why is it that those in Washington, D.C., that have been elected to represent our country and make the tough decisions, can’t seem to get it together anymore. Are they that narrow-minded, and particularly oriented one way or the other on issues that compromising to allow our country to progress just isn’t an option?

It continues to sure seem that way.

There are plenty of people out there that have been prognosticating that a total collapse is inevitable in the U.S. given the prevailing winds that have been whipping around Capitol Hill for far too long now.

To just label those people as extremists was easy in the past, we’re not so sure if attitudes don’t begin to change, and the spirit of cooperating doesn’t return, that they might not be too far off on those doomsday predictions.

It’s just becoming too hard to figure why leaders can’t seem to effectively lead these days.

A sad reflection of the road that’s being traveled in Washington.

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