The Register-Herald, Beckley, West Virginia

August 9, 2013

It’s Lilly time!

The Register-Herald

— This is not your typical family reunion.

No, take any random get-together and multiply it several times.

You’ll get an idea of just how the Lillys do it.

It’s big-time.

They have all of the bases covered.





We join the rest of our readership in welcoming the Lillys to this year’s annual reunion, which begins today and runs through Sunday on a 34-acre tract in Flat Top.

Southern West Virginia is known as an outstanding mecca for tourism, with many attractions through the year, especially in summer and early fall.

But the Lilly Reunion rivals any of them.

The annual get together attracts Lillys from half of the continental United States to Raleigh County.

Not many family reunions can boast of a significant economic impact for an area like the Lillys can.

Just how huge is it?

Four years ago, the Lillys set a record for attendance at a family reunion with 2,585, a mark recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records.  And all in that number had to show a connection to the clan.

But kinship is not a requirement to share in the festivities.

“Everyone is welcome to attend here,” says organizer Darrell Lilly, who serves as president of the reunion.

There will be a playground and inflatable rides for the kids.

“We try to have something for everybody to enjoy while they’re there,” Lilly adds. “Other than concessions, or T-shirts, or something in the gift shop, everything is free. There is no charge for any of the entertainment or anything like that.”

So don’t be surprised this weekend if you come across a few Lillys while you’re out and about. Because they’ll be home once again.

Welcome, Lillys!