The Register-Herald, Beckley, West Virginia


June 20, 2013

Happy 150th Birthday!

It’s exciting to wish a very Happy Birthday to West Virginia!

Our state turns 150 today.

On April 20, 1863, President Abraham Lincoln announced that an act of Congress would admit West Virginia into the Union, effective in 60 days.

So, on June 20, it became official.

Our state was born in turbulent times. The United States was anything but united as the Civil War raged on our soil.

But out of that struggle, a beautiful state was birthed.

West Virginia has given our nation, indeed our world, many great things.

Our state is rich in natural resources, namely coal and natural gas.  These industries helped fuel and build modern America and continue to offer hope of an energy independence that may prove crucial to our country’s future growth.

People are our greatest resource however.

West Virginians are known for our tireless work ethic, strong resolve and unrelenting faith.

We love to have fun too.

Outdoor activities in West Virginia range from some of the most thrilling whitewater rafting in the world, as well as ATV trail riding, mountain biking, hiking, rock climbing and caving. In the winter, there are several top-notch ski slopes high in our mountains that get plenty of snowfall.

It’s been called an outdoorsman’s paradise too. Each year over 350,000 hunters find whitetail deer, spring gobblers and a variety of other exciting game.

Our region in particular is blessed with some of the most scenic vantage points and breathtaking views, including the overlook at Hawk’s Nest, the old grist mill at Babcock State Park and majestic Bluestone National Scenic River and State Park.

From Wheeling to Bluefield…

From Harpers Ferry to Gallipolis Ferry…

From Welch to Parkersburg…

And Morgantown to Matewan…

West Virginia is pretty much America’s postcard to the world.

We are proud to call West Virginia home.

And we’re thankful to share this Wild, Wonderful state with our great neighbors, our readers.

Happy Birthday!

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