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April 5, 2013

Our Readers Speak— Friday, April 5, 2013

The Register-Herald

Welfare drug tests are cruel, cowardly

I’m disappointed to learn that Mike Green has aligned himself with Senate Republicans to pass a bill requiring those who receive welfare or unemployment benefits be forced to undergo drug testing.

This is a cruel and cowardly act.

I call it cowardly because it attacks those less able to defend themselves and cruel because it kicks a person while they are down. Why should a person who loses their job and has to draw unemployment (a low point in their life) be further humiliated by being forced to take a drug test? Is it fair to assume that everyone unemployed or on welfare is on drugs?

It’s also phony to use kids as a reason for this bill by pretending to care about their welfare. I don’t believe Mike Green gives a damn about poor kids or their parents and I didn’t vote for him to join with Republican weasels like Craig Blair to harass the less fortunate among us.

Why not work on bringing justice to big coal operators who place profit over safety?  Stand up for the people whose water supplies and homes are being ruined by mountaintop mining? Urge the governors to extend Medicaid? Fight for lower gas prices? Support state retirees who have not had a raise for many years?

But this would be taking on the fat cats who have the ability to fight back. What happened to Mr. Green’s overly hyped energy program that was supposed to employ so many? We haven’t heard much about that lately, have we? It looks like we have elected another Dino.

Tom Rapp


Tax dollars used to deny access to Gorge

The article on March 25 about the vision of the National Park Service to add biking and walking trails through and adjacent to New River Gorge is all about a few wanting to use your tax dollars to fund what they would like to do. It’s not about access for you and me to be able to fish and camp the river like we used to.

I was at the office at Glen Jean a while back and asked why the park service wouldn’t allow vehicle access from Cunard to Thurmond, so that the local folks could have access to fish and camp the river, and a lady told me that she liked to bike and they were going to keep that area open only to biking.

Personally, I don’t like the government using our tax dollars to purchase private land for just a few. If you don’t think it’s going to cost a pretty penny to purchase and build what they want, I have news for you.

Some in our government think it’s their job to spend more and more of our tax dollars. Beware.

Ron Gray

Oak Hill