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October 5, 2013

Republicans do their own party wrong with shutdown

From the Back Porch By Nerissa Young

— If I were a comic strip character, the bubble above my head would be full of exclamation points, asterisks, number signs and all those other symbols that signify cursing.

This government shutdown is ridiculous and could probably push even Jesus to profanity.

Republicans have ended any hope of getting elected to The White House in 2016 through this inane, childish game of “I don’t acknowledge it, so it didn’t happen.”

The Affordable Care Act is law; the Supreme Court said so. Get over it, and get on with it. America hasn’t seen such tactics since the “leave no fallow ground behind” strategy of the Civil War.

House Speaker John “Bonehead” Boehner is not a leader; he is a bully. The irrational, unreasonable Republicans who are siding with him and blocking the budget talks ought to be taken out back and horsewhipped. I’ll be happy to apply the first 50 lashes.

Just as the fragile American economy is showing a few sustained signs of life, these congressional crackpots bring the whole nation to a screeching halt.

They are violating the public trust of elected office. They care more about winning their own petty grudges than taking care of those who elected them. Right now — in this nation — No Child Left Behind has done far more damage to America than the Affordable Care Act, but none of the do-gooder Republicans is talking about it. Where’s that moral outrage?

Name calling isn’t the answer. If it were, I could get it done in five minutes flat. Of course, very little of it could be published here.

Instead, a history lesson appears to be in order. What happened to the party of Lincoln?

He was for the Union. The rabid Republicans are hellbent on destroying the Union, it seems.

Lincoln urged malice toward none. The rabid Republicans must have thought he said malice toward all.

Lincoln said the nation ought to bind up its wounds. The rabid Republicans are wielding X-acto knives like Freddy Krueger.

I know a lot of Republicans. They don’t all feel the way the ones in Congress do. The Republicans I know ought to be mad as h-e-double-hockey-sticks at how their party has been hijacked by nut jobs.

At the last national convention, they kept conjuring President Reagan. Guess what? He knew how to get along with people with whom he disagreed. He and former House Speaker Tip O’Neill could have some knockdown drag-outs, but they could shake hands at the end of the day and work together for the American people.

The rabid Republicans don’t have to agree with President Obama, nor do they have to rubber stamp everything he wants. But, under the Constitution, they are obligated to submit a budget to the president. A failure to do that is an abdication of their sworn oaths.

They don’t look like heroes; they just look small, which makes Obama look even bigger and better to Americans.

Congressional Republicans are an obstruction in the bowels of America. We all know what to do with a hemorrhoid — cut it out.

The 2014 elections are just around the corner. I expect Dr. Voter to be called to surgery — stat.

— Young is a Register-Herald columnist. E-mail:

© 2013 by Nerissa Young