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June 19, 2013

Special moments, players and coaches in state sports history


BECKLEY — 2) Who’s the best West Virginia-born athlete you've ever watched in person?

Cam: I'm not old enough to have seen Rod Hundley, Jerry West or Sam Huff, but Randy Moss was certainly special. His raw athleticism in football, basketball and baseball was incredible. He'll be a Hall of Famer in football, and he possibly could have been at any one of the three sports.

Dan: Moss was special, but Big Creek’s Danny Abercrombie was incredibly talented, and a better person. His senior year, Danny was first-team all-state in football and basketball, second-team in baseball, and he won the long jump, 100 and (I think) 200 at the state track meet. He played four years for Marshall and led the Southern Conference in kick returns as a senior. The only thing that held Danny back was his lack of size (he was 5-foot-6). Runner-up: Mullens’ Herbie Brooks.

Josh: Without a doubt, it’s Randy Moss. I wasn’t very old when Moss was playing for DuPont, but I vividly remember traveling with my family to see them play Hurricane in football. Moss caught a punt return within the 5-yardline and waited for the Redskin defenders to get to them. He blazed past all of them for a touchdown.

Rusty: Nobody I have seen in person could match Randy Moss. His athletic ability was far above any of his competitors. Noted for his football ability, he was an outstanding basketball and baseball player also. In a game I watched, DuPont had the ball at midfield with seconds remaining in the half. Everyone knew where the ball was going as did the defense who promptly put three defenders on Moss. Moss streaked down the sideline easily out jumping three defenders draped all over him for a touchdown. He was a special athlete and I won’t mention the terror he caused WVU in the lone game he played in Morgantown.

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College Sports
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