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July 26, 2012

Careers Q&A: Advice for working parents, job-seekers


A: I'm not sure you can refer to yourself as "freelancer in demand" although that certainly sounds like it fits for you. You might instead just list the various projects you have worked on or clients you have had. This could show the breadth and depth of things you have been doing so it doesn't look like you just kept doing the same work for one client.

You should also make sure to bring this up in any interviews you have with firms. I think your confidence in the interviews based on being "in demand" will probably come through to employers so they can see this part of your strengths.

Take the Plunge, or the Same Ol' Safe Route

Q: I'm truly getting sick of being in a managerial position of having to promote/ enforce/ talk up policies and positions of senior management that blatantly scream "We're being cheap and making your lives harder so we can pocket more money yet only give you cost-of-living increases, if that." I really want to start my own business, but I am scared it will fail or never leave the ground.

A: I can understand your frustrations about what you are doing versus what you feel you are getting in return. Remember though: Few people just jump out into entrepreneurial work. Instead of thinking of quitting your current job and starting your own firm all at one time, you might think about researching what you would want your venture to be, getting feedback on it, getting any capital you might need, and so forth before you actually leave your company. It's often a good idea to be starting a new business while you still have some security in your life.

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