The Register-Herald, Beckley, West Virginia

August 6, 2013

Woman arrested after speeding sob story turns out to be fake

New Hampshire police fact-checked woman's emotional tale

CNHI News Service

BEDFORD, N.H. — When police pulled over a New Hampshire woman for speeding, her sob story about visiting her dying father in the hospital was so convincing that they let her go without a ticket.

But she wasn't expecting officers to check out her story, and she was arrested two days later when they found out she was lying.

Carley Williams, 28, was pulled over Friday night in Bedford, N.H., for allegedly driving 82 mph in a 65 mph zone. Williams told New Hampshire State Police that she was on her way to a nearby hospital to see her father before he died.

The trooper said Williams' story was detailed and emotional, and he let her off with a warning.

But if Williams thought she was in the clear, she was wrong.

The trooper contacted the hospital and learned that there was no one there under the name Williams had given for her ill father. Then, the trooper did an internet search and found out Williams' father had died in 2008. He also learned that Williams was driving with suspended plates.

Two days later, that trooper brought his evidence to Williams' home, police said. The woman initially stuck to her story, but later admitted to lying. She was arrested and charged with driving after registration suspension and speeding.

Following up on speeding excuses is a common practice, according to state police Capt. John LeLacheur.

"When it comes to an excuse about a hospital, you have to be as sympathetic as possible," LeLacheur said. "Many times, troopers will have dispatch call the hospital to verify the story while the driver is still sitting at the stop."

Details for this story were provided by The Newburyport News in Newburyport, Mass.