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November 17, 2013

Customer requests prompt lots of services

Business provides everything from drug testing to lawn care

One local business has come to town to get everything cleaned up and bring integrity to local communities.

Integrity Services Group is run by president Scott Van Meter and vice president Timothy Boothe, who say they can do just about anything.

Boothe says the business does drug testing, pre-employment screening, pressure-washing, lawn care, maintenance and snow plowing.

“All of our drug testers are (Department of Transportation) certified,” Van Meter added. “We’re certified to do Breathalyzer tests. We do drug testing for mining companies and for convenience stores. We’ve done it for restaurants and a few people like that.

“Our commercial lawn care, we do it for convenience stores, mine sites. We’ve done car washing for auto dealers. We’ve done a little work for homeowners.”

Boothe says the combination of services came from customers wanting more out of a local business.

“I think it was just mainly a request from the community to have a group that would go into business with Cramer Security,” Boothe said. “I’m the owner of Cramer and the vice president of ISG. People would say, ‘It’s a shame you guys don’t do this or that you don’t do this.’

“The idea came from clients wishing that there were options for their drug-testing, pre-employment screening and other services that they required. Mainly it was just requests from the community and our clients who wanted these services.”

Booth also said they want to offer local communities more than cleaning.

“We’d like to offer just what the name says: Integrity,” he said. “We work to completion and to the satisfaction of the customer.

“As far as involvement in the community, Scott’s very active in the community as far as churches and charitable organizations go. We also assist the community in any way that we can because that goes a long way. We offer whatever services that a business or individual might require.”

“We do everything except cook,” Van Meter added with a laugh.

Boothe said their services are available any time that someone might need them.

“With a background in State Police, we’re available 24 hours a day, seven days a week,” he said. “We don’t believe in taking time off because when the client needs us, they need us. That might not be at a conventional time. It’s not a 9-to-5 job. It’s not an 8-to-4 job. Wherever we’re needed, that’s when we’ll be there.”

“We have a machine that answers the phone when we’re not in, but I have my cell with me all the time,” Van Meter added. “We’re pretty much available any time they need to get hold of us.”

Integrity Services Group just needs a chance and they can fill any business needs, Boothe said.

“I believe that we’re a viable option for services in this county and surrounding counties. If they give us an opportunity, then I think they’ll be more than satisfied with the results.”

“We’re very competitive,” Van Meter added. “Our rates are very competitive. We do criminal background checks on all of our employees. We make sure they all pass a drug test as well. We keep everyone clean.”

For more information about Integrity Services Group, call the office at 681-238-5754 or Van Meter’s cell phone at 304-573-6599. You can also find them online at

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