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May 27, 2012

Dog finds bedbugs and helps people rest assured

With the problem of bedbugs growing across the nation, finding a cost-effective, simple way to rid yourself and your home of such pests can be difficult. But one Raleigh County man is claiming to have the solution.

Tom Stalnaker, of The Hunter Group Inc., of Milton said not only does he offer a bio-derived insecticide that kills bedbugs and dust mites on contact, he’s goes one step further in ensuring his product, Rest Assured, and his business by employing the services of a dog named Coal who is trained in tracking and locating bedbugs.

“They say there is a 98 percent accuracy rate,” Stalnaker explained of his canine. “We did one hotel here recently, and Coal took us straight to the headboard that was infested with bedbug eggs.”

Stalnaker said according to scientific reports, cases of bedbugs are increasing at staggering rates each year. The parasites, which can survive without feeding for up to eight months, feed on people and animals and are finding their way into homes, hotels, hospitals, prisons and public transportation through suitcases and clothing of the travelers visiting these establishments.

According to the International Conference on Urban Pests, an online study done in 2008 reported that out of 509 pest control firms, 91 percent encountered bedbugs in the past two years, whereas only 37 percent recalled seeing them five years ago, Stalnaker explained.

Since then, the number has only grown.

“It is assumed that the infestations are surging due to a combination of factors including unreliable pesticides, such as pyrethroid resistance. These pesticides are not only proving to be ineffective but they also carry the risk of exposing pets and children to carcinogens — creating an increased hazard of cancer,” he said.

He added that strict guidelines and procedures must be followed in order to rid yourself of these infestations.

“This is why professionals recommend the nontoxic Rest Assured. By following Rest Assured bedbug removal instructions the infestation can be irradiated for a clean, safe environment free of bedbugs,” he said.

Stalnaker said not only do they back their product, Coal contributes to cost savings.

“For motels or hotels, if you have 50 rooms, instead of treating all 50 rooms that you don’t know are infested or not, by employing Coal’s services, we can take you to the rooms that have an infestation problem, which can help cut down on costs,” he explained. “We guarantee our products and so does the federal government as it is FDA-approved.”

The product, a non-toxic, non-staining formula, is so safe, Stalnaker says it can be ingested by humans without causing harm.

“I could spray this on my kid’s bed today and you could let them sleep in it tonight; that’s how safe this product is,” Stalnaker said.

Rest Assured provides instant kill for adult bedbugs as well as preventative products to prevent reinfestation, he added.

Aside from bedbugs, Rest Assured also kills spiders, silver fish, fleas, millipedes, beetles, mites, dust mites, ants — you name it, Stalnaker said.

And unlike other pesticides, he says immunization does not occur, he said.

“This product enters the nervous system and the lungs so they can’t get immune to it like how they can with pesticides,” Stalnaker said.

A press release from the West Virginia Poison Center suggests employing a professional to combat bedbug infestations, and Stalnaker considers himself, his products and his services just that.

“We are trying to  offer a service that will save people money. We have a spray, an exterminator — which is more potent and kills up to 60 days, laundry detergent, powder for carpets and dust for your electrical outlets, because that is how they travel the majority of the time,” Stalnaker said.

Rest Assured is EPA exempt, child and pet safe, has no side effects, is 100 percent natural and contains no carcinogens, he said.

Also, it kills adults, larva and eggs, he added.

For more information or for available products call 304-237-7608.

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